Saturday, October 4, 2014

Book Review: Helpline by Uday Mane

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We introduced you in last post, the debut novel of Uday Mane. Here is a review of the book.
As newspapers reported last month, the number of suicides is much greater than people dying in accidents. What pushes these people to take such drastic steps? These people need help. This book can help. Readers can feel the lonliness, worthlessness, depression, loss these people feel all the time.

The story:
Samir is suicidal. He has nightmares which are quiet gripping & create an impression. There is flashback to his life, parents, Neha, his love Riya, her brother Siddhartha who has Downs Syndrome and his depression filled days. Samir has his Nana as a role model & confidante. Then comes Riya & Siddhartha who Samir perceives as attention gainers of his Nana. Riya & Siddhartha move out of his life. Samir has a creative bend & wants to be a writer encouraged by Nana. But he cant make his politician father understand that, who makes him get into engineering. Now Samir is failing hopelessly in academics. Riya comes back into his life, and along with his other supportive friends Neha, Rajesh life starts looking better for Samir. Samir is drawn to Riya, perfectly understands her devotion to her brother Siddhartha and is able to bond with him too. So when Riya starts moving out of his life, he starts spiraling down into depression resorting to drugs, alcohol, shying away from all human connections. The Helpline which he calls is like god send. So does Samir get back his life on track with the help of The Helpline?

What I liked:
The start of the book. Its quiet dark, gloomy, makes quiet an impression. Making you keep away from the book or reading it further depending on your mood. The short stories about each character within the story itself. While Samir's story & flashback is quiet negative, the other stories are uplifting, positive. They make you want to try harder to be a better person. The narration is sometimes too much about certain situations and drags the story. There is subtle physiology gyaan about love, life, people,....  Some beautiful description of locations in Mumbai & peoples life's.

What I want more:
Increase the pace of the story. The start is gripping but the sub plots and long descriptions makes the main story loose steam and lose interest. Someone needs to give Samir a tight slap for wasting a great life. Hope the story helps people in need of help realise that Life is beautiful and like Samir's Nana said: You can be anything you want.

Go get the book, keep a clear mind. List down all the good things in your life. Try to help people who cant.

Till then Chin up, Smile, pat your back, keep doing what you love doing :)
Bye. Take care. Enjoy the loong weekend :)

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