Saturday, October 11, 2014

Book Review: Lucifer's Lungi by Nitin Sawant

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As promised here is a review from our side of the book: Lucifer's Lungi by Nitin Sawant.
We had highlighted the book with our Spotlight. So after a fast read here is a review of this book.

After many romance reads, this a fresh, light, de-stressing read. Ya it is a thriller, superstition filled, super natural characters story but with a moral or an eye opener to the devils within than outside.

City slicker, entrepreneur, software professional who is fed up of his dull or no-life in Madras, on suggestions by his colleagues starts touring the countryside on weekends. On one such countryside weekend, he lands at a non-pronounceable village. The lovely scenic beauty  and tranquility of the place makes our Saar happy & relieved of choosing a good location. This village it seems is the hub of the flower business or for pooja's. The landscape is dotted with temples peeping out of foliage everywhere. Our Saar lands at the main temple, arranges for food & rest for the day, befriends the old priests grandson who happily acts as guide & takes him visiting temples along with giving a running commentary about rituals, god-ghost stories. When they realize there is no transport for Saar to return to Madras the same night, they try to help him out. The priests grandson narrates the stories of demons, Satan, god in the main temple, how he can protect Saar always from the undead,... Our Saar an atheist is unconvinced. As the night approaches, will Saar find the last transport out of this village or into the land of the undead, demons ?

What I liked:
As I said in the Spotlight, the book title reminds me of RK Narayan's short stories. Each chapter's titles are lyrics from songs:
“...not all those who've lost their lives, died..."
Best one: “...whoever God wants to kill, He first makes them mad…” True that ;)
The story narration is totally informal. One feels like you are at a campfire and your friend is narrating a Tall tale with lot of mirch masala & physiology of the human mind to make it believable. Its such a breezy read, I finished it in a couple of hours albeit past midnight. The last couple of  chapter have you in grip, crossing your fingers for our hero to see the daylight next day. But the end will make you do an imaginative tap on your head & grinning (if some one had seen me at that time-2:30 am, phone light on my face & me grinning, would have surely thrown a screaming fit :D ).

What I want more:
Lovely quotes at the end of the book:
"There’s more to fear in the wild, than just wild animals. FEAR YOUR  IMAGINATION.
 What happened to Saar, the priests grandson, the little kid would have loved to know more about them, but then again it will become a happily-ever-after type of story. So guess the author was right in ending the story there.

Please go buy a copy of this one, you will love it I am sure.

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