Thursday, November 27, 2014

Book Review: Playing with Fire by Devika Fernando

Good day People,
What is your Super Power?
Everyone has a special ability, but seldom we know or acknowledge it?

This book will make you think hard about yours?
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Felicia is a normal girl with a fire core inside her. She has been trying to hide it & lead a normal life without harming anyone. Till Joshua comes along. Joshua emits coolness, Norse god looks, statue like face giving away nothing going on in his mind. They both feel a strong pull towards each other. Joshua helps Felicia understand that she is denying herself a normal life by trying to ignore & hide her super power. If she can control the power she need not worry about harming herself or anyone. He is her teacher, she accepts reluctantly at first & then realizes they are meant to be together. But does Joshua feel so? What will happen if she looses control? How will their love & life struggle to appear normal work out?

What I liked:
Mind power. Know your true strength. Philosophy. Work & hone your powers. All these ring true for me even if they are to some Fiction. So I liked the way Devika has portrayed her characters handling all this. How first Felicia is scared even acknowledging her power which she feels can only harm. Joshua's calm mentor type instructions which are hard hitting but true. The rush you feel when these two characters get too close for their own safety. The picturisation of the dragon, gets you imagining one in real life or from the movies Hobbit.

What I want more:
The turn of events at the end were too confusing & seemed far fetched. I would have liked Felicia triumph over her power, Joshua start leading a normal life & open up to feelings,.... Ok, but thats my view ;) I wanted to see how Felicia leads a normal life, how she uses her power, how she is appreciated for her power, both of them leading a great loving life together....

If you read till the last letter of the book, you will see all of Devika's upcoming works which are many & really interesting from the short blurb's given.

So go on & get yourself a copy of this book. Read it. Let your dragon fly. Let us know how you liked the book.

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Bye. Take care. More books coming up.


  1. Good review Nilima. Need to yet read this book of Devika's. Chennai trip threw my life for a toss but no complaints.I had a great time ;)

  2. Thanks a lot for the nice review! :-)