Thursday, July 2, 2015

Book Review: The Mystery of the Missing Iguana by Ruchira Khanna

Good day people !

Me & my kiddo finally got around to reading The Mystery of the Missing Iguana by Ruchira Khanna.

He was a little surprised when I told him we are reading a story & started going to my phone. I had received an E-book version of it.

Go through the Book description and more about the Author at :  Spotlight:The Mystery of the Missing Iguana by Ruchira Khanna The book tour is hosted by The Book Club.

For him 'Pet' was a new concept. Now he knows his pets are Fishes.

Alex is a school going boy. He owns a pet monkey Angelo. Both of them form a great team of detectives. They help other kids by solving their mysteries. Charge 25 cents for each mystery solved. They plan to buy a mountain bike with the money collected. So this mystery is about the Iguana which goes missing in school on 'Pets to school' day.

What I liked:
The book has one page of description and the next is a picture depicting the scene. So that delighted my son more.
The story is well written and simple for kids to grasp. Iguana is a not among the usual animals found in stories. So we got to know one more animal.
I liked that Alex's mom is aware of his detective work & that he earns from it.
Angelo is a normal monkey, thank god for that, no super powers/magic/robotics here which nowadays most kids stories/cartoons have.
Ruchira, thanks for mentioning the small points like Angelo finishing his banana & Alex is bowl of oats as breakfast, helps point out the good habits.

What I wanted more:
Ruchira, you need to quickly churn out a Alex & Angelo series. Me & my kid wanted to read 2-3 more mystery cases of Alex & Angelo.
Since we were reading on the phone, my son was busy clicking on the pictures puzzled why wouldnt it 'Play'. So that means the story & pictures bring the imagination alive. Good work on the illustrations.

Waiting for Ruchira Khanna to publish more stories/novels. Cheers and All The Best !

Reading 2 books parallel so stay tuned for more Book posts.

Bye. Take care.

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  1. Am delighted to read that your son loved it :)

    My mission accomplished when kids squeal in delight šŸ˜

    Let's see when the sequel shall come, thanks Nilima for the read and review :)