Monday, October 26, 2015

Book Review: Metro Diaries by Namrata

Good day everyone,
The die-heart romantics will like this book a lot. Collection of 20 short love stories by Namrata.

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Spotlight: Metro Diaries by Namrata

What I liked:
The book scales different aspects or facets of love. Different hues of love. It can be one-sided love or childhood love or undying love.
Each story is accompanied by a poem. I eagerly waited for each one.
Some of the feelings or situations are depicted very beautifully. You start living them as if you are the protagonist or relating to the times when you were in love :)

What I wanted more:
Some stories are too mystical, not easy to interpret. My view.
Sometimes some passages were repetitive or too long in depiction of the situation.

Some of the passages I liked:

Come closer and let me feel you in my arms.
 Let me realize you are no longer a dream.
 But have walked out of them
 to make them come true!

It is like saying you love the rains and when it rains,
you open your umbrella or stay indoors; you love the wind
and when it blows, you close the doors and windows. I am
terrified of losing her and I am terrified of losing myself
after losing her, never ever to be found again.”

“I never told you how beautiful you are, coz for me it
is like telling a word its meaning; completely futile. But for
me you will always be beautiful. Because you are a dream
and dreams are always beautiful. They always make you
smile even if they don’t turn into a reality.”

Ron's letter to Linda
You made me realize that each one of us is a special
soul with magic within us which gets unlocked only when
we meet the other half of the soul. After meeting you, my
life has just grown into leaps and bounds. The joy, that
has grown multitudes, is something I cannot stop smiling

“They do, Ron, for love is always beautiful then, now
and forever. It is people who make it ugly. Amongst this
ugliness, there will only be one heart that will be able to
sing back the song your heart wants to hear, and the day
you find that heart, never let it go at any cost…"

– I am – 
A dream that could remain incomplete
to complete you,
A star that could fall
to make your wish come true,
A tear of happiness that wants
to roll out of your eyes,
A cloud that wants
 to drench you in the rain of love,
A book that wants
to fill its pages with you,
A gust of wind that wants
 to take you along for a flight,
A shadow which
won’t leave you even in darkness.

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Read the book & let us know your views :)

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  1. Thanks for such a motivating review... I agree with you when you say not all stories were easy to understand. As a writer perhaps I missed considering this while writing them. I am glad you enjoyed the book :)

  2. The lines you quoted sounds very profound Nilima. Can't wait to read this book :)