Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Book Review: Ruby Iyer Diaries by Laxmi Hariharan

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Presenting the review of Ruby Iyer Diaries by Laxmi Hariharan. Know more about the book at:
Book Blitz: The Ruby Iyer Diaries by Laxmi Hariharan

The story:
This is a prequel to the Ruby Iyer series. The author suggests we read it parallel or will want to read it after reading one of the books from the series.
Ruby Iyer is shown as the eldest daughter of an affluent family in South Mumbai. Her mom has no time or care for her. With the addition of her brother, she is always vying for her mothers attention. She is turning into a temper tantrum throwing girl instead of the lady-like-fine-young lady her mother wants her to be. Her dad is the coolest of the lot. Her mother looses her sanity more when they loose her brother to the 26/11 shooting at Taj. Stuck between her insecurities, her attempts for some motherly love, confusion, her temper which she has no control over, her desire to be free she has a hell of a time growing up and stepping into adulthood.

What I liked:
Child psychology.
A view into a child's mind, for that matter a girl-child. I could very well relate to her. Felt almost protective for her. Now I am watching myself when handling my kiddo :|
Lots of facets to the story. There is her mother, father, then her limited friends, the doctor (can bash him up :x), the servants, Pankaj,...
Thank god she was getting some help for her temper. Her training in sports and self defense.
Good, she stands up to the bullies in college and helps others.
She is a superb Tomboy, if I can use that word, being a feminist ;)

What I wanted more:
Guess, since I havent read the main story, it was a little confusing to read the prequel or the kid Ruby Iyer. I was waiting for the story to start but the book was over.
The numbering of chapters to my organised mind was disorienting :D
Now I want to read the main or full story, are you listening Laxmi Hariharan !

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Take care and come back soon.
We have loads of books now. I am parallel y reading couple of them.

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