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Book Review: Sweet Revenge by Olivier Lafont

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As promised here is the Review of the Book by Olivier Lafont: Sweet Revenge.
Get to know the blurb of the story at Spotlight: Sweet Revenge by Olivier Lafont

I very leisurely read the entire story. The language and flow is so good. Thank you The Book Club for organizing this Book tour.
This is Author Olivier Lafont's second book.  I pictured the male protagonist Guy as Orlando Bloom or much better as Matt Bomer. How about you all?

The Story:
Eve Watson manages an Art Gallery, The Three Mimosas for Joan who has become her friend and adviser. Eve is also a closet artist, who has been painting portraits of the man who seven years ago for seven days made her the happiest woman in love and then disappeared. But he still torments her thoughts, every passing minute of the day or night. Joan discovers Eve's paintings and makes her showcase them to the public. The day there is the opening, in few minutes the paintings are bought by an anonymous buyer at double the price. Joan's secret dream of selling the art gallery and roaming the world comes true suddenly at the same time. Eve is asked to stay on and manage the Gallery plus travel to Paris and work with the company who bought the Gallery.
The day of the opening, Eve is knocked out by meeting the object of her paintings in flesh and blood, Guy Leguerec. This time around Guy is a changed man, blowing hot sometimes cold. Eve is a bag of nerves and cant think straight under his allure. Guy seems to want Eve now after seven years. Though her heart is clinging to the sliver of hope her brain and mind keeps reminding her of her resolve to banish Guy from her life. On the other hand Guy gives the impression of a man on a mission, is it to seduce her like seven years ago and ditch her? Guy has plans to take revenge from Eve for the destruction she caused seven years ago.
But Eve reels in her heart and goes to Paris for her new job, thinking she has heard the last of Guy. Soon she dismally finds out, the company she is working for, is part of the network owned by Guy.

Again they are forced to face each other, with huge misunderstanding on both sides causing tremors wreaking havoc in their lives.
Will the misunderstanding wither away and will love conquer  seven years of mistrust ?

What I liked:
As I said, the language and the flow of the story. Guess the hero being from Paris and half the story set in Paris, gave it the pleasant, leisurely feel and flow ;)

The Characters. The story is narrated from Eve's side but you get to equally know Guy. I was specially drawn to Guy's grandmother or petite maman.

The emotions are worded beautifully. May it be the sensuous ones or Eve's despair or change in Guy from hostile to tenderness or Guy's mental tug-of-war to determine Eve's intentions. I could feel Eve's despair and desperation when she has to leave Paris, wanted to wrap my arms around her to comfort her.

Thankfully, the Art scene is shown realistically. You get a glimpse of working of an Art Gallery, its not just opulence, glitter of Paris, love making, politics, company takeovers,...  Eve, Joan and Madame Samson are shown women of proficiency and hard working.

The french words in between make me want to learn the language. The description of hotels, houses, palaces again makes you want to plan your next trip to Paris asap.

What I wanted more:
I wanted to see how Steve Garrick is put in his place more concretely.
I wanted petite maman to do the role of Cupid, in between. Sadly she didnt interfere much :(
I wanted to know if the superstition for the last drop of champagne came true or not. Not letting out spoilers, here.
I wanted to shake Guy sometimes for not believing his heart. I wanted to provoke Guy and Eve to the extent that they accuse each other and the misunderstanding get cleared half way in the book. Later they both could have dealt with Steve. Haha, im wringing my hands in glee and mischief ;)

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I luckily got to meet Author Olivier Lafont at Litventure this month.
Pic courtesy: Sundari Venkatraman

Another Book being read now is The Other End of the Corridor, fast paced book.

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    1. Thank you Sundari ! Yes, Sorry I forgot to give Photo Credit to you ;)