Thursday, January 7, 2016

Book Review: The Other end of Corridor by Sujata Rajpal

Greetings everyone,
A new book. No not a romance novel. I dont know what genre to label it too :). Amazon says its Contemporary Fiction.

Make your decision by reading the Blurb at Spotlight: The Other end of the Corridor by Sujata Rajpal.

The Story:
Leela, a simple, soon to be forgotten name for a dusky Manglik 19yr old girl living in Patiala. Till date she is never had a choice nor made a decision. But she has one strong dream-To become Famous and the way to do that is to become an RJ. She doesnt know how she will get there but she holds on to that dream. To her surprise she gets married at 19 to Vishal who is educated, working with a steady income, lives in Delhi, her in-laws are both from teaching profession. Leela's future seems to be looking bright. Now she can achieve her dream thinks The Daydreamer. But soon her present starts to unfold into lies, fraud, abuse, depression, ... She makes it from one day to another, her dream long forgotten. She meets friends from school who show her two different aspects of living a normal life for Women.
She chokes with her buried secrets while giving the impression of a happy life to society. She cant muster the courage to resist or overpower her mentally unstable husband.
Will she ever fulfill her dream? Will she ever be free?

What I liked:
The story creates an impression on your mind. I was gloomy most of the time I was reading the book. I would stop reading it for a couple of days to clear my mind, but it used to beckon me to read further :)
The language is simple, smooth. Nothing fancy about the words here. The flow is even. The incidents regular, the ones you hear all the time or read in newspapers. But still you will softly root for Leela.

Reading her everyday incidents you will summarize it as a losing battle for her and her dreams. But then the way she picks herself up again and goes baby steps to living life, is like following a news story.
The character Leela is gripping yet quickly-fading one. But it will make you rethink your life, your goals, your dreams, your principles, things you should be grateful for. Mostly what-would-I-do-if-I-was-Leela ?
She has motivated me to go back to school or take up courses. Make resolutions. Value my time and freedom and all the things I am grateful for. I hope to help and identify such Leela's.

What I want more:
Its a complete story. It showed the real tragedies in Leela's life. It showed her weak, naive, hardworking, believer of her dreams, her tenacity, her strength of character. It showed the good side of her life in a compact way. I liked that. Nothing magical or ambitious was added to make a happily-ever-after.

There are lots of  Leela's in our society whose shrieks are muffled under societal norms and customs. Help them get free.

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Do read this one and let us know of anymore such thought provoking books.


  1. Very good review Nilima Mohite. You are really getting better and better with this :)

    1. Aww Thanks Sundari. The company and books matter ;)

  2. Thank you so much Nilima for the review. I agree with Sundari, the review has come out well.

    1. Thank you Sujata. Your comment means a lot :)
      Hope to read more of your writings soon. All the best !