Friday, May 6, 2016

Book Review: Color me Rich by Mohan Deep

Good day everyone,
I had mentioned I am reading the book Color Me Rich by Mohan Deep.
Here is a late review of the book. Sorry to keep you waiting.
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Akash Saigal a student of JJ School of Arts, a handsome painter who could take modelling jobs but wouldnt and has his own principals he adhere's too. He is broke most times managing to make ends meet, lives in the small room with his friend Pran, a struggling actor also his man friday. He has other friends like Suma who is a song writer and aspires to be a ghazal singer and Bollywood aunty who feeds Akash though he is past credit limit. Suma loves Akash who thinks of her as good friend.

He meets Zenobia a socialite more than an artist. Its love at first sight and more when Zenobia reciprocates it back. They get married and Akash's career as an artist sky rockets. Zenobia has all the contacts and Akash delivers what he loves best doing. They have their tussels and arguments when Akash feels suffocated with all the partying and socializing. Zenobia goes from angry to suspicious wife to suicidal.
Then there is news that Zenobia is dead after falling from their 60th floor penthouse. Was it suicide or murder by Akash ? Its more than what the story gist tells you. Buy the book to know.

What I liked:
The exact depiction of an artists life. From the brushes to smoking to clothing. Also the life of people trying to survive instead of making it big in the Film Industry.
Again depiction of Zenobia's socialite life. How big business families operate and their set of problems which even money cant solve.
The story flows smoothly and is gripping. The big font helps finish the book faster.

What I wanted more:
Consistency :)  in terms of translation. Some places there are translation for the Hindi phrases some dont. Too many Hinglish references.
The end ! How could Akash spill it all out and then do the deed? I am not going to let out spoilers here.

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