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Book Review: More than Just Desire by Summerita Rhayne

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Bollywood Diva plans a comeback...Will the man she ditched give up his need for revenge?

Like we mentioned here is the review for More than Just Desire by Summerita Rhayne. The Book Tour is now going on at The Book Club.
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The Story:
Piya, the top most actress of Bollywood has comeback after 3 years to reclaim her title. The reason for her staying away from the limelight and attention she loves, is her marriage to the Director Arfaaz Khan and what she left in her wake when she just fled the scene she created. Arfaaz is a man of atmost patience but Piya can try even a saint. He wants his revenge as Piya has destroyed his pride, made a farce of their marriage. Piya wants to climb to stardom before she is labelled a yesteryear actress, is desperate and will go to any length but only when its in his favor. Her first plan of action is to scrap her past by getting a divorce. How does divorce, revenge, atonement figure for both Piya and Arfaaz along with combating the sizzling attraction between them they both are not averse to?

What I liked:
This is a quick read, fast page turner story. The sizzling sensuous scenes help in that :)
The characters are real. You can picture Piya, her barely-there dresses, antics that drive Arfaaz up the wall. Arfaaz and his perfection, the self-made man, his loathing for the man he is unfortunate to call Father, his directorial scenes.
Location descriptions. Apt description of Bollywood, its paparazzi, the gossips, back stabbing,the derby,... Very detailed research on that by Summerita.

What I wanted more:
Arfaaz to knock some more sense and maturity into Piya.
The father character was irritating but guess it was added to show Arfaaz and his past.
The steamy scene descriptions were a little too repetative. You can find all the synonyms of hot & red in these pages :D

Summerita is an ace author in the Historical romance genre too. Check out all her books.
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