Friday, July 29, 2016

Book Review: The BNO: Sex, Life And Hookah by Manoj Jain

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We are reviewing a different type of Book as a request from the Author Manoj Jain. If you check his Amazon Author page, you will find multiple books under his name from Medical to Management and then this one. So you can see he is a multi-faceted person.

Read the book to know more:

"Eight men, 

Two girls, 

One boys’ night. 

He could be the man you say hello to in the lift every day, he could be your boss, he could be your husband. 

She could be your sister, the girl-next-door or your girlfriend. 

In this fast-paced novel that reveals a slice of urban life, The BNO opens the doors to the locked world of people’s minds, and explores the lives of eight Mumbaikars, examining them through their sexualities and what makes them behave in the way they do. 

The BNO looks at how the lives of eight relationships get affected by a casual night out. From the lonely housewife to the travelling business man, the book delves into the very private lives of married couples and how a single night can alter all existing equations."

About the Author:

Manoj Jain has always been interested in human relations and how they are played out over differing circumstances. He is an alumnus from IIM Ahmadabad and a student of Psychology. The BNO is his first book. He lives a quiet life in Mumbai with his wife and children.
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What I liked :
Its a tiny book of 150 pages but it has a lot of stuff going on. Each character has a chapter to themselves describing why and how they are the way they are :)
The language is good. The descriptions of places and thoughts are pretty vivid, it might leave an impression on your mind. Dont go categorizing men after reading this one. 
The story flows smoothly. It introduces new concepts and gives fodder for your thought process. 
The author is interested in psychology and a keen observer of human patterns and behaviors is very clear from chapter one. The whole book is based on these patterns of humans, their sexuality, fantasies, habits, fetishes,... 
It makes one introspect about our own thought process. The author shows proves the Freudian theory, that the unconscious mind governs behavior to a greater degree than people suspect.

What I wanted more:
This book is not a funny, boys having some fun type of book. Not everyone's cup of tea or choice of book.
The story and certain parts are a little too dark and make it gross you out. I wish the author hadnt been so descriptive about them, leaves an imprint on the mind. May be that was the whole point. So good & bad point.

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Disclaimer: I received a paperback of this novel from the author in return for my honest review.

Stay tuned and get to know more books on the block/shelf ;)

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