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Guest post: You say you are a Bold Heroine romance addict.How do create your characters? to MV Kasi

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My very first Guest Post on this blog for Author MV Kasi on her book: That Same Old Love.
I have read the book and its super-duper. Know about the story: Book Blitz: That same old Love by MV Kasi

MV Kasi answers:
Q: Congratulations on the Debut novel. The story seems spicy :) You say you are a Bold Heroine romance addict. How do create your characters?

A: Thank You. Yes, bold heroines are my pleasures. I don't feel guilty at all for them to be my guilty pleasures. :)

The story is definitely spicy. It had to be, since the lead couple starts their relationship as a purely physical one. But one thing I made sure of while writing the sex scenes was to further the character arc and place some form of emotional resonance within them. At the end of the scene, the reader would learn something new about my main characters and have a deeper understanding of the couple's dynamic. I also ensured that each sex scene moved the story forward.

When it comes to creating characters, I started writing while keeping my love for women-oriented books in mind. At the beginning, I found the most interesting characteristic traits in my female lead and tried to build a story around it. At the beginning of my story I only knew a few surface facts of the main characters. I knew that Mahi was a bully and not well-liked by most people, but she had a past boyfriend who had loved her and she loved him in return. What happened? Why was she like that? How can a practical and nerdy person like Samrat, who hated her, fall in love with her? Questions like those drove my story.

I then let the characters speak to me and tell their story. As I started writing, I understood their motivations, the people they met, the people they loved or hated, etc. The evolution of the Mahi and Samrat was my main story. I also loved creating well-rounded secondary characters that behaved like the catalysts, rather than drive the story.

Thank you Manya Kasi for answering our Question and Featuring on our Blog: Grab The Book

I can very well relate and understand how the story has evolved and this answer truly fits the characters and their roles in the story.

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  1. Congrats on your first GP Nilima. I am so glad to see your growing as a blogger. Cheers for more to come :)

    1. :) Hey Thank you Rubina ! You are a role model as a reviewer,Interviewer, Moderator and many more roles you take up effortlessly. Hope to continue to give my readers a window into Author's workings that I am getting through TBC.

  2. Good question and great answer. Awesome work Nilima. Keep it up