Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Book Review: Vikram Rana Investigates by Sharmishtha Shenoy

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I am still thinking about Case 2 of Vikram Rana Investigates even after finishing the book a week back. Sharmishtha Shenoy you have taken me back to Agatha Christie, Famous five, Alfred Hitchcock days of school time.

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The Book is about Vikram Rana, an untainted ex-cop, who quit the police force and has started his own investigation firm. He is very well connected with the police force, observes minutest details, quick thinker and executor with a dry sense of humor which is very well known. You can call him a hunk with an addiction for chai and could be a player(if his wife would loosen her leash on him :D )

The book covers 2cases:
The Mysterious Affair of the Lohia Mansion
The Sonia Sinha Case

What I liked:
The cases and their portrayal is pretty good and mysterious. Also the characters are well sketched out.

Description of Hyderabad and locations has been very nicely integrated in the story.

The language is simple and the story good paced. You can read it in one sitting.

Both the stories can be independently read.

The twists are properly timed. Each time you think you found the culprit, the story becomes more complex. Keeps you scratching your head.

Loved the way the food is described in the novel. I have to try Bamboo rice next time I go to a Chinese restaurant :)

Vikram, is a typical guy when it comes to food, staying healthy or straying eyes :D

What I wanted more:
Refinement to the language or more editing. Its Sharmishtha's first book so we will excuse her :)

Some love scenes between Vikram and his wife. Haha sorry guess reading too many romance novels. Every time Vikram and his wife Veena were introduced my hyper-active brain would wait for something to happen :D ;)

More books about Vikram Rana and his cases, Sharmishtha please !

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Let us know your review about this book. We will let you know if Sharmistha spins us another detective novel ;)

Bye. Take care.

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