Friday, August 19, 2016

Guest Post: So is Narayan Rao the Vishnu in real life? to Karthik KB Rao

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Remember we introduced  Book Blitz: The Mahabharata Code by Karthik KB Rao
Here is our Guest Post question to Author: Karthik KB Rao

Q: So is Narayan Rao the Vishnu in real life? Do you relate each of these characters in real life to people you know?

A: Being born in a Vaishnava family I had been made to believe since my childhood days that this Prapancha(universe) is Narayana’s(Vishnu) Srishti(creation) . The two central characters in my book incidentally are Narayan Rao(NR) and Srishti. Having said that, the character NR is mostly based on me and Srishti mostly on my wife Sushma (and partly me!)  Like NR in my book, I spent my early childhood completely obsessed with the Mahabharata thanks to my grandmother’s narration of the great epic every night at a young impressionable age and even got to validate her narration every Sunday on doordarshan when BR chopra’s Mahabharata which was also airing at the same time. Later in my life I went through a phase where I became an atheist and was also exposed to various material from outside world thanks to internet, books and television which included books like Chariots of God, tv series like Ancient Aliens etc. Finally I ended up being a software engineer and I have also borrowed some of the concepts and practises used in this industry. All this has contributed in developing characters of NR and Srishti.

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