Friday, September 23, 2016

Book Review: Destiny Decides by PG Van

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The long pending Review is here. First get to know about the book: Book Blitz: Destiny Decides by PG Van

This is Book #1 in the Destiny Series.

Sameera and her sister Nate live together as room mates. Nate has recently got together with her high school crush Srini after they met at a reunion. Enter Nick or Nikhil Bhatia, classmate of Nate but Sameera's best friend when they were all in India. Sameera has recovered from a bad boyfriend breakup and loss of her father resulting their move to USA. Her mother was fortunate in finding a good man who is a doting father for the sisters. Nick & Sameera hit it off immediately, But Sameera is not able to let go of her past demons and the constant lookout for doom to come when something good happens around her.

Will this come in between Sameera ever finding happiness ? Will Nick be able to wipe out all her sorrows? If love fails them will they loose each other as best friends too?

What I liked:
The grandeur of every space. Be it Sameera's house or one of Nick's mansion or apartments or the restaurants they visit or Sameera's old ancestoral house in India. Well described, you picture it as if you are getting a panoramic view of the place.

The characters are well portrayed. Sameera as a techie + a dancer + a rock her family relies on. Her sister who will protect her baby sister from all harm. The parents of Sameera and Nick. Friends who will take secrets to the grave: Srini. Supporting characters from Raj, Mitch, Pamima, Nani,...

The language is good too, The author has tried to make the concepts in the story easy for international readers to understand by explaining the terms in detail.

Intimate scenes if you like them here you get an overdose. You may note down some tips ;)

Small small details I loved them. The way and efforts Nick takes to show his love to Sameera. I was going aww many times when reading this book. The way he makes life and transition easy for Sameera, understand her fears, foresee what she might need, making sure she is always happy and satisfied without getting what he wants first, ....

There is a healthy mix of love, friendship, familial love, trust, respect and suspense. The suspense at the end will make you want to pick up sequel: Destiny Embraces. Play the Rafflecopter, you might win a copy of Destiny Embraces ;)

What I wanted more:
Speed up people ! :) I wanted the story to pick up pace. Too much description or love scenes or the reason for Sameera's sorrow seemed to get in the way of the story flow.

Suggestion. The book can be made crispier and light weight.

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