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Guest Post: Any other Genre you would like to write apart from Romance in the future? to Varsha Dixit

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Love is in the air again…this time it’s steamy, bold and manipulative!  Know more: Spotlight: Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right by Varsha Dixit

Varsha Dixit

Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right by Varsha Dixit is her 3rd Book in the Right and Wrong series.
Now reading the answer to this Question I am eager to read Xcess Baggage from genre Paranormal romance by Varsha.

Check what she says:

Q: Any other Genre you would like to write apart from Romance in the future?

A: ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail.’ Alan Lakein
The quote above very well summarizes how I write my books. I plan a plot well in advance. Make notes, juggle scenes, clearly mark the beginning, middle and end and when I have all that is when I start writing it.
So far my stories have been predominantly romantic however they are very different from the genre I like to read – thriller. I am voracious reader of books by John Grisham, Tom Clancy, James Patterson, Tess Gerritsen to name a few.
The stories that I write always start with an idea. And so far all the ideas have been romantic centered on friendships. Thus the ‘Right and Wrong’ love trilogy  - Right Fit Wrong Shoe, Wrong Means Right End and Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right.
Few years back, I did dabble in paranormal romance with my second book, Xcess Baggage. That was my first attempt to write something more than a simple romance. Unfortunately, as it wasn’t received well, I went back to writing what came naturally to me, ‘contemporary romance.’
However, I am not closed to writing a different genre. My stories germinate with an idea. Tomorrow if I get an interesting idea to pen horror or a thriller story, I would not hesitate. Like every hungry author, I love to pen stories. I obsess over my characters and plots and the moment I can envision a story roughly from start to finish, I would dive headlong into writing it.
Thank you Nilima for hosting my book, ‘Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right’, and guest post on your blog. It was a very interesting topic to dwell and write on. Good luck to you in your writings.

Varsha Dixit is the bestselling author of contemporary romance. ‘Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right’ her latest book released in August 2016. To find out more about Varsha and her books visit her website or her author page on Facebook. Twitter: @Varsha20

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