Thursday, September 1, 2016

Guest Post: Do you have more series or standalone books coming up? What genre are they based on? to PG Van

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This is with Author PG Van. We are reading her book.

Know which one here: Book Blitz: Destiny Decides by PG Van

Q: This is Book#1 of The Pure Destiny series. Do you have more series or standalone books coming up? What genre are they based on? All the best with all your books :)

A: Destiny Decides.. is part of ‘The Pure Destiny Series’ that ended up being a series when I had not really planned for a series. My plan all along was to fit the story into one book but it would have been a saga and I would not had the opportunity to take the readers through the love story of the main characters while emphasizing on the small things that build up the strength of the story. I managed to pull in the mystery aspect of the story to keep the story from being a plain love story and gave the readers something to look forward to in the sequels.
Destiny Embraces.. is part two of the series and is available exclusivey on Amazon. The second part is where the plot gets a little deeper where I explored many more emotions and my readers tell me they were pleasantly surprised. I took a break from the series to publish a few independent stories before I get back to the series.
I intend to have two more parts with the same characters and plan on continuing the series with related characters. Most of the books in this series will be Contemporary romance except for one part which would be a Historical Romance.I am very excited to write the historical love story as I know it will be a fun challenge.
I am very attached to the series as I am firm believer of destiny and will continue to build the series with standalone stories as well. I enjoy wrting a series because of the opportunities I get to sprinkle in certain aspects of the story that will tie things back together in the sequels.
Thank you for your support and well wishes. :)

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