Thursday, September 15, 2016

Guest Post: What other talent doesn’t the world know about Sutapa? :) to Sutapa Basu

Good day People !
Introducing Sutapa Basu's latest book.

Wow, there is so much more to people than you actually know. I discovered that when I asked the question to Sutapa Basu for fun, just to avoid the usual questions. Am I glad I did :)

Sutapa when you have a next stage play let me know. My kiddo would love to watch or take part. Tell him Peter Pan & he will perk up :) 250 kids how did you manage? Guess will need another Guest post for these questions :D

Q: Sutapa Basu, is an author, editor, publisher, storyteller, poetess,... What other talent doesn’t the world know about Sutapa? :)

A: I am an author of children’s fiction. I have a huge collection of stories, plays and poems for children aged 5 to 16 years. Many of my works have been published in English school textbooks read by students in India and abroad. I have plans of writing a fiction series for children. I also intend to translate a book of popular children’s fairytales written in Bangla. I am, till recently on stage, an exponent of Tagore dance, which to uninitiated, is an art form that expresses Tagore lyrics through mudras and rhythm. As I had been an English teacher in private schools for around 16 years, I had the opportunity to direct and stage ballets with a 200 kids cast. In fact, I have adapted ‘Peter Pan’ into a two-hour long musical, written lyrics for it, composed the music and choreographed it for the stage with 250 kids acting in it. It was staged in 1998 at Delhi. Even props like the pirate ship and the tree house were built in the school by the students of the Art Department!

I love travelling. Seeing new places gives me great pleasure and I always discover people, tales, art, places in nooks and corners that are not the usual touristy stuff. Eventually, they become part of my stories. I am an author of several school textbook series teaching English and Value Education. I have designed and developed for school around 400 books when I was the Editorial Manager, Oxford University Press. India and Publishing Director, Encyclopedia Britannica, South Asia.

I am a trainer and have had innumerable sessions for teachers and editors. I also give talks on writing and editing.
I dabble with acrylic painting and love doing interiors. My husband is fond of saying about me, ‘She breaks the house down and builds it up so fast that I can never keep pace to fill up the deep holes she makes in my pockets.’

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    1. Welcome Sutapa. Glad to know so much about you. Keep up the Good work !