Sunday, October 9, 2016

Book Review: Dangle by Sutapa Basu

Good day People !
Works of Experienced writers, leave you questioning yourself and each situation in life. I have been trying to decipher Dangles everywhere I look.
This book is like a trance music stuck in your head. This has been my case for a week. So I am writing this review to may be change the track :)
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The Story:
Ipshita, a travel show host is successful in her niche field where she brings variety and uniqueness to each destination show she creates. She has a solid family who support her and Adi, as the best friend anyone would want in life. But all is not rosy in Ips life. She has a past she cant confront and must brace herself every time it tries to resurface. Her builtup-defenses to male species have so far worked but 3 men, strangers at that, have her body react in ways she never knew.
When she finds out the truth about herself and these men, her life turns upside down.
How will she reclaim her life or let it Dangle forever?

What I liked:
Like I mentioned Works of Experienced writers make you question yourself and everything around you. Sutapa's writing proves her skill to get into the minds of its readers and make them wonder, question, accept, affirm.

This is not a typical story of a successful career girl, meets boys she feels attracted to, but has her past and what she will do types. The blurb will give you that impression. But you need to read this 450+ pages to peel layer after layer and get immersed in it. I read it luxuriously. Loved it !

Each place and character is well placed, plotted, detailed. The characters are real-life and have many layers. You cry with them, hate them to the gut, laugh with them, respect them,...You see them as if they are specially enacting for you.
The locations are so beautifully detailed. You visualize their beauty in soft hues. Again thats the effect of Sutapa's writing.

The story reveals the inner workings of our mind layer by layer. It could have been turned into a dark story and scarred the reader, but Sutapa has balanced it with reality and acceptance of these facets of life.

It will make you think, question, wonder, understand... There a life lessons subtly added. They show how if you let your mind take control what happens and sometimes how to confront things in life and keep marching ahead.

The writing is fluid and some places poetic. The pace of the story consistent. It felt good to read such a deep, mature, thought-provoking story after ages. The couple of love scenes also had a grace to them. They didnt seem vulgur or lust-filled or space-action-fillers but pure instead.

There are some paras and quotes which stay with you for a long time.
One by one, the rays beamed their message to the sleeping world, ‘Awake! Arise! Affirm!’

Ipshita was mesmerized. The rosy sky above was reflected on her face and the light filled her. She wanted to break free of her bonds; her fears, doubts, misgivings. She wanted to shed them like old skin and surge ahead. The glowing circlet beckoned, offering hope, desire and unborn dreams like tightly-folded buds eager to bloom. A sudden joy rippled through her.

The Poems recited by Akash, wants to me to read Tagore's poems now. :)

What I wanted more:
I am going to read more of the Books written by Sutapa Basu. Hope you write more of them. Yes 400+ is still not enough :)

Do Buy the book and post your reviews.

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Bye. Take care. More books to show you all. Come soon :)


  1. Thank you so so much Nilima for your accolades. You have made my day

    1. My pleasure Sutapa and Welcome ! You deserve them :) Looking forward to read more of your works. All the best ! Keep writing !