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Book Review: Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right by Varsha Dixit

Good day Romance Lovers,
Diwali Dhamaka ! This book and its predecessor books in the Right & Wrong series can form your Diwali Dhamaka Reading gift.

The Cover confirms it by 1 point. The Blurb will help you buy the book, point 2. If you have read even 1book of Varsha Dixit, I dont think I need more points to convince you of my claim.
So lets know a little about the story and then continue with my review ;)
Story: Spotlight: Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right by Varsha Dixit
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Gayatri Dutta aka Guy, gets what she wants. She is the picture of a spoilt, rich, moody, vindictive.... girl. She is also the sister to Nikhil and family he never had, fortunately for Gayatri. Sneha and Nandini are fast friends, like death-cant-do-us-apart-types or as Guy says, they are capable of toppling over governments. Sneha is married to Nikhil since one year and settled in nicely, calling Gayatri as family though it was opposite a year ago. Nandini is married to Aditya, who dropped Gayatri off his life on their engagement day for Nandini, earning Gayatri's scorn.
Nikhil & Aditya are joint investors in a multi-million project, whose head scientist is Viraj aka Mad scientist or a Con. Viraj has lot his drive and is getting all investors nervous about the project.
Gayatri is getting cornered by her adamant father into marriage to a groom of his choice. She needs to prove herself to her father and herself. Easier said than done, for the spoiled Diva.
Viraj has to get his work and project on track. Gayatri is put in charge of Operations for his office/lab.
Will Gayatri be the 5th person to be fired in 2months or will she hold her ground?
Viraj sees everything he despises in Gayatri, but each time they lock horns which is frequently its a battle of wills and desires. What will win desire or will?

What will be Gayatri & Viraj's Rightfully Wrong Wrongfully Right equation finally ?

What I liked:
Like I posted the Warning in Book Review: Wrong Means Right End by Varsha Dixit here it is again:
Warning: You will have a grin plastered on your face at all times when reading this book. You will have bouts of hysterical laughter and hoots, so be sure to get ugly looks from family and people around. My hubby was sure to take me to a shrink soon but he knew from experience of 2years now, it will be back to mood swings in 2-3days.

Haha, I loved the full book and now the entire series. I am curious to know now will Varsha have more book in this series?

The Characters are continued from the previous books and more enhanced. Each one makes you proud to know them. They have matured in this book, each one of them.
I liked Nikhil's softer side as a Dad and his naughtiness intact with Sneha as her sleazeball ;)
Sneha & Nandini, handling family and their advertising business makes me want to pat their backs. Way to go my Buy one Get one free, package deal :)
Gayatri, I loved her evolution from start of the book till end. Wow, whoever said first impression is the last impression, needs to revise that saying. Same goes for Viraj.
I loved both of these characters, so different and complex too.
The other side characters played their parts well too. Strangle Mr. Dutta, ask Mrs. Dutta to spine up, knock sense into Sana, pat Viraj's mom for being a super-woman, kick those goons,....

The story goes at different speeds for me. Apart from the getting-to-know-Sana phase I was hooked to each page. There were a lot of grammatical errors but they didnt irritate me or loosen the grip on the story.

The chemistry and love scenes are sizzling hot ;)

The humour and quotes are hilarious. I can quote many:
'And if Sneha is in, I'm in ! We are like the "har tyohar dhamakedar". Buy ine get one free, package deal.'
The Bull and lal chaddi reference....
Sneha and Nikhil's kinky texts/talks ;)
The TT match like banter between Guy and Viraj.
The vada pav episodes...Especial Vada pav...Hot...Icecream !
Spoiler Alert: The baby and delivery talks, episodes were ROFL. My hubby wants me to bake the scotch, tequila & vodka cupcakes now :p Ask if the baby is out, next time to a mom-to-be-in-delivery-room. ROFL !

Again in this book too Varsha has subtly given the message of Standing up for yourself, Woman Empowerment, Self-defense, Abuse in terms of parental pressure, Make the world a better place one day at a time and last but not the least: Love yourself first and be Proud of yourself, so that you can love another fully.

After reading this book, I so feel like being a Super woman, baking, caring for my family, multi-tasking, enjoying the small things in life and being Grateful for everything :) Thank you Varsha for that.

What I wanted more:
Grammatical errors to be corrected. I am sure Varsha and Rupa Publishing house will get them rectified in next edition.
I was irritated with Gayatri and Viraj's heartbreak long period. But I was nodding my head when Gayatri explained her reason for shutting out Viraj, Good job Guy !

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