Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Guest Post: Why 12 characters? How did you come upon this number? to Jatin Kuberkar

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The Book Club presents Book Tour of Cabbing All the Way by Jatin Kuberkar
Get to know more about the plot: Book Blitz: Cabbing All The Way by Jatin Kuberkar

The Question we asked Jatin as our Guest Post:

Q: Why 12 characters? How did you come upon this number? All the best with your books :)
A: The book is based on real incidents. It is a catalogue of a crazy journey that we shared together for about four years. We traveled in a Winger. It has 12 seats and so there are 12 people in my book too. There is nothing I did deliberately to ‘come up’ with a number. Every character is based on a real person. Their mannerism, their behavior and the way they react to situations are such thatthe readers can relate them to a person in their own lives. Each character in the book has a quality that makes him/her unique, they have their own habits, thoughts, they speak in a slang of their own- at times even use colloquial tongue. I tried to retain their natural charm by not over doing or diluting the characters with unwanted strokes of fiction. I wanted to bring out a ‘Reality Fiction’ and not a ‘Fictional Reality’
Talking about the number of characters, actually there is a thirteenth character too...any guesses who?J (Hint: a vehicle needs to be driven)
Well, the Driver is also one of the important characters in the book. He cabbed with us too. He started his day with our trip and ended with ours. Our daily motivation in the morning also influenced his start and the fun in return journey busted his stress too.

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  1. Really an interesting read.The realistic nature grabs your interest from the go.

    1. I am reading it... It feels like I am back in my corporate job ;) Will post Review soon.