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Spotlight: An Enlightening Quiche by Eva Pasco

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Today we are showcasing an International Author Eva Pasco and her book An Enlightening Quiche.
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An Enlightening Quiche by Eva Pasco
An Enlightening Quiche by Eva Pasco
An Enlightening Quiche by Eva Pasco

Book Blurb

Two headstrong women in their forties coming from different moral directions clash within the confines of a small town rife with secrets and scandals, fractured friendships, dysfunctional families, romantic rifts, misdeeds and mishaps. Their narratives relate how an heirloom quiche recipe and baking rivalry redress the fallout of a tragedy precipitated by reckless behavior.

Augusta: I stood under Paquin’s faded, striped canvas awning, reached inside the bag for my Spearmint, and tugged the red string to unzip the cellophane.  I slid a small portion of a stick out of the pack and tore off a piece.  After peeling off the jagged wrappers, I slipped the gum on my tongue the way Father Desmarais deliberately inserted a Holy Communion wafer onto it.  I liked to let all the sugar dissolve before exercising my jaw muscles.
The foliage crowning Beauchemins’ grandiose maples which firmly stood their ground and hogged the sidewalks along Founders Road had turned lackluster in accordance with declining chlorophyll production.  Approaching Halloween, it appeared peak leaf-peeping season would be pushed back due to warmer temperatures and excessive rain.  Then, every ounce of green pigment would be consumed, empowering a spectrum of vibrant colors to brilliantly emerge from each leaf in a Mardi Gras last hurrah of swinging and swaying to the tempo of the wind before withering on their respective branches.
Autumn was indeed a tragic opera when bleeding crimson hearts expired soon after attaining their height of glory.  Sadness engulfed me and mushroomed into a dark cloud hovering over the realization my own peak season had terminated when I turned the Big Four O, beaucoup months ago last November.  Thus far I hadn't exactly set the world on fire the way Mrs. Blais envisioned I would, subliminally affecting one of her many Freudian slips into Dante’s inferno.
Flirty in your thirties; finished at forty.  Time you settled down, Augusta.
Conjecturing, I wondered if my mother reached the autumn of her life, and depending on whether she attained that milepost, had she succumbed or survived the harshness of winter.  Tante Lucille supplied a stingy amount of sketchy details about her younger sister, but my mother’s best friend Monique said it nearly killed her to give me up in her roaring twenties.  My piece of gum hardened just enough so I could snap in rapid-fire succession all the way home.
I should explain, if you take a right outside of Paquin’s doorway, you’d end up walking past Gene’s Luncheonette and the Suds & Duds Laundromat.  If touring the mill strikes your fancy, cross to the other side of Founders, hang a left onto Mill Pond Road, and walk the wooden bridge over the minor falls to Brulé Bookbinding Co.  If you stay on the straight and narrow of Founders and saunter southward past the Green, you’ve left the jurisdiction of Beauchemins and wandered into the affluent town of Lincoln.
If you’re inclined to hobnob with the socially elite or upwardly mobile, we’ll part
company here and you can go on your merry way.  More than likely, you’d rather head north and tarry with us plain-spoken and unpretentious French-Canadians who proudly identify ourselves as “Canucks.”
            Just as I thought! Then, we had better get going because I promised Yolande I’d be home in plenty of time to take down her china out of a cupboard whose shelves require a stepladder to reach. 

About Eva Pasco:
Eva Pasco
Eva Pasco
After retiring from a career in elementary education, midlife restlessness prompted Eva to rekindle her passion for storytelling by composing fiction that taps into significant issues affecting the lives of women over forty. Her novels in the genre of Contemporary Women's Fiction are distinguished for their character-driven plots, harboring protagonists who plunge the depths of despair and suffer the consequences in their darkest hours prior to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

In addition to having written two novels, Eva Pasco has composed over one hundred Memoirs, as well as numerous essays pertaining to the Sixties. and her native state of Rhode Island.  She also writes a weekly blog related to writing and social marketing.  All of her work is featured on her web page at Authors Den, including information about her two novels.

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