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Book Blitz: Ponni's Beloved: Volume 1: New Floods by Sumeetha Manikandan

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A mythological tale for you. Check out the Blurb. If you are a reviewer and would like to Review this book, Sign up at The Book Club's Upcoming Book Tours


Kalki Krishnamurthy’s Ponniyin Selvan is a masterpiece that has enthralled generations of Tamil readers. Many authors have written phenomenal books in Tamil literature after Kalki Krishnamurthy, but Ponniyin Selvan remains the most popular, widely-read novel. It has just the right mixture of all things that makes an epic – political intrigue, conspiracy, betrayal, huge dollops of romance, infidelity, seduction, passion, alluring women, unrequited love, sacrifice and pure love.

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“I have brought important information for all of you. That’s why I asked the noble Sambuverayar to invite us all here. Maharaja Sundara Chola’s health has been steadily deteriorating. I secretly asked our royal physician, and he says that there is absolutely no chance of his health improving. His days are numbered. And it is up to us, to think about the future of the royal throne.”

“What do the astrologers say?” asked one of the noble men.

“Why ask the astrologers? Haven’t you seen the comet that has been appearing in the sky, for the past few weeks? They say whenever a comet appears, there will be death in the royal family,” said another.

“I have asked the astrologers as well, and they say that the king might live for some more time. Anyway, we will have to decide who should ascend the throne next,” said Pazhuvetarayar.

“What is the use of discussing that now? Aditya Karikalan was made the Crown Prince two years ago,” said one of the noblemen.

“True. But before he took that decision, did Sundara Chola consult any of us? We all have stood by the Chola Kingdom with loyalty and have sacrificed our sons and grandsons in the battlefield. Even now warriors from each of our clans have gone to Elangai to fight for the Chola Kingdom. Don’t you think we deserve the right to be consulted about who should be the next heir to the throne? Even King Dasaratha asked his council of ministers, before deciding to crown Rama. But our Sundara Chola didn’t think it necessary to consult anyone…”

About the author

"Sumeetha Manikandan is a top bestselling romance author whose novellas ‘Perfect Groom’ and ‘These Lines of Mehendi’ (which was published as a paperback novel called ‘Love Again’) have been on the top of Amazon India charts ever since its publication. A bookaholic, thinker, feminist and a daydreamer, she reads across genres and is a crazy fan of history, romance and science fiction novels.

An avid reader of historical novels, she has been translating Kalki Krishnamurthy’s classic Tamil novel Ponniyin Selvan for the past ten years and hopes to translate more of his novels to English.

Sumeetha is married to filmmaker K.S. Manikandan and lives with her nine-year-old daughter in Chennai."

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Book Review: 1857 Dust of Ages, A forgotten Tale by Vandana Shanker

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Welcome to the Book Tour of 1857 Dust of Ages by Vandana Shanker hosted by The Book Club. This book is Book 1: A Forgotten Tale of a 4 book series. It combines History & Romance in equal proportions. Read about the book: Book Blitz: 1857 Dust of Ages by Vandana Shanker

Shiv Sahai is a Historian whose parents are based in Singapore but he prefers to live with his Grandmother, shuttling between Delhi & Navgarh. The haveli they stay in has been his favourite childhood haunt with its mysteries, passageways, corridors,... In searching for the ownership papers Shiv finds a few letters and photo which stir his interest. He starts to dig deep in historical archives and people from the by gone era to know more about the scandal or about the whispers that the Princess of Navgarh married a British soldier to save Navgarh. He is interested in knowing the whys and hows of this mystery which no one talks about.
What will he discover? How does he go about unraveling this mystery?

What I liked:
History & Romance. The combination piques ones interest. It is woven beautifully in this book.

One gets a brief glimpse of how the British slowly turn from traders to invaders. Their arrogance,
I loved the cover of the Book. Mysterious showcasing a bygone era.
The language is simple and flow smooth. Gives you sepia toned look to the images you conjure in your mind when reading.

The research is deep and interwoven with story deftly.

The characters are well fleshed out. The stubborn princess is shown clearly who doesnt know much of the outside world but is possessive of her own kingdom. Her ventures, bravery, skills,... make you want to nod in approval at her. The Queen is shown with all her misgivings and insecurity, ready to take matters into her own hands. The King is shown as man tired of being optimistic, with conflicting thoughts, burdened by responsibility.

What I wanted more:
More of the story. I understand its a series but a little more action would have been good :) It looks like an introduction of characters right now. It has now got me interested in knowing more in the coming books.

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Monday, April 17, 2017

Book Blitz: Key to my Soul by Probal Mazumdar

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A new book up for a Book Tour at The Book Club by Probal Mazumdar is Key To My Soul.
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Probal Mazumdar


"When Siddharth, a lonely young man with a failed marriage gets a sudden phone-call from a mysterious person about his lost childhood lover, Hazel, and learns that she is battling for life, he is shaken to the core. He also learns that she had left certain letters for him fifteen years back that never reached him. It disturbs him so much that he rushes to the hospital in his old hometown. There he discovers an eclipsed past buried in time that is riddled with dangerous surprises, trauma, twists of fate, sacrifices that exemplify true love and the real reasons for the tragic end of their childhood love story. But will Hazel ever open her eyes to see him..."

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About the author

Probal Mazumdar works in an IT company. He is an NIT engineer by societal pressure, singer by accident, guitarist by love at first sound, poet by soul, writer by passion, a world class badminton player in childhood dreams, rebel by day, recluse by night, a samosa in a family of laddoos, a Jughead at the dining table, a shameless and congenital dreamer. 

Oh! An arsonist too – when his wife is not around, sets his own house on fire with his little son. 

He won the FIRST prize in the All India Poetry Competition, 2014, conducted by PSI (Poetry Society of India). Click on www.indianpoetry.org/awardsgeneral14.htm

His other poems have risen too from cold storage into literary journals like Indian Literature (Sahitya Akademi), Wasafiri (U.K. Vol. 67), Acumen (U.K.), OtherPoetry (U.K.), Chandrabhaga Literary Journal (Editor Jayanta Mahapatra), Dhauli Review, amongst others.

He writes short stories too. This is his first foray into writing a novel.

The Title of the Book is “Key To My Soul.”

The entire plot and story of the novel hinges on these words of the Title. Once the protagonist, Sidd, finds out the Key, he enters the Soul of his long lost beloved. The words, “Key to my Soul” is also a phrase used by his beloved in a letter to him which is the axis the story revolves around.

Click on the links below to check out the media mentions about this author:

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Book Blast: Magelica's Voyage to the Land of the Fairies by Louise Courey Nadeau

Greetings People !
A Book Blast from BeachBoundBooks for Magelica's Voyage to the Land of the Fairies by Louise Courey Nadeau
Download your FREE Copy on April 12th 2017.
Fairies, Magic, Magical lands, Prince, ... I am going to read this one to my son in a few days. Wait for the review :)

BeachBoundBooks is pleased to be coordinating a Book Blast for Louise Courey Nadeau's newest children's book, Magelica's Voyage to the Land of the Fairies. The blast will run April 12 - 14, 2017.

About the Book


Title: Magelica's Voyage to the Land of the Fairies
Author: Louise Courey Nadeau
Illustrator: Nathan Heinze
Publication Date: April 2017
Publisher: Magelica Inc.
Number of Pages: 35
Recommended Ages: 5 to 10
Summary: Five Star Readers Favourite and Story Monster approved!  New Magelica's Voyage to the Land of the Fairies is finally out! Its the third children's book in the Magelica trilogy. Put on your magical necklace and join Magelica and her friends as they discover that fairies are real and that love is the most powerful magic of all!In this very special adventure, rainbows light up the sky as Magelica and Prince Will embark on an extraordinary voyage to uncover the mystery of her past. Empowered on her quest by her chosen mother, Magelica and her friends follow the secret scroll to the Land of the Fairies. As they make their way through the forest, fear gets in the way and their courage is tested.

FREE Download!

Take a peek inside...

 FullSizeRender (15)

 Other books in the series...


Title: Magelica's Voyage
Author: Louise Courey Nadeau
Publication Date: June 1, 2013
Publisher: Magelica Inc.
Number of Pages: 48
Recommended Ages: 5 to 10
Summary: Who ever heard of a girl being hatched from an egg the colour of sapphires? Magelica doesn't know where she came from or who she really is. But when she's transported to the Isle of Dreams in a flying bathtub, she launches into an adventure of discovery, and learns that wonderful things can happen when she uses her imagination, believes, opens her heart and trusts in love. Come fly with her and discover for yourself the power of imagination, gratitude, believing in yourself, and love! In this special first voyage, fantasy, adventure, magical illustrations, empowering messages, and a wonderful cast of enchanting characters come together as Magelica takes young girls and the special people in their lives on a fun, inspiring voyage about making your life magical.

* Available in English / French / Spanish *

Amazon | Goodreads


Title: The Rescue (Magelica's Voyage Book 2)
Author: Louise Courey Nadeau
Publication Date: May 27, 2015
Publisher: Magelica Inc.
Number of Pages: 48
Recommended Ages: 5 to 10
Summary: When Magelica dreams of the prince lost on a deserted island, she realizes that it could lead to his rescue. She returns to the Isle of Dreams to tell Queen Raya what she knows. Can they save Prince Will before it's too late? Will the power of laughter and love be enough?

* Available in English / French / Spanish *

Amazon | Goodreads

Product Shot

About the Author


Louise Courey Nadeau, born and raised in Montreal, Canada, wife and mother to two girls and two boys is the creator and author of Magelica’s Voyage, Magelica’s Voyage: The Rescue and Magelica’s Voyage to the Land of the Fairies; an adventure/fantasy trilogy about a young girl on Earth who suddenly grows wings at the age of 12 and sets out on a voyage to discover who she is and where she comes from. Empowered by her Chosen Mother to follow her heart, Magelica and her fun and wacky friends learn that following your dreams is no easy task! Called upon to connect peoples and worlds, and bring balance and harmony, Magelica discovers that the greatest enemy is fear, but realizes that it is no match for courage, believing in herself, and love, the most powerful magic of all.

 Author, mother, wife, Founder and CEO of Magelica Inc., former marketing and advertising executive, a tireless fundraiser for many charities, a painter, and gardener, Louise’s passions keep growing. Louise's dream is to create a bond with children and their caregivers around the globe, and make a real difference by entertaining them with exciting stories that stimulate their imagination, and help them discover the power of their own magic.  Books are just the beginning. She is simply getting started!

 "Through life's trials and tribulations, I always believed I could. With the Magelica book series, my own beliefs, courage, determination and resolve have been tested over and over. Believing I can, has kept me going!  My goal is for young girls to be empowered to grow up strong, positive and powerful, and for young boys to have the self-confidence to support girls in their goals, thereby creating a new gender balance for a new generation. "The children of today, will grow up to be the parents of tomorrow. By inspiring them now, the ripple effect will eventually change the world."

"Magelica's Voyage is inspired by my life, my family, and the special people and places I love", says Courey Nadeau. "All of the characters in the story, including Magelica are reflections of the person I am- the wacky part, the funny part, the philosopher, the teacher, the caretaker, the chosen mom, the giver, and of course the dreamer. What would Magelica do, I often ask, and I get the answer. When you fly with Magelica, the possibilities are endless and there is magic all around."

 To learn more about Louise Courey Nadeau please visit Magelica's Voyage website at Magelica.com. You can also follow Magelica on FB, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Magelica books and necklaces are available on amazon.com and at selected retailers.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Book Blast Giveaway

Prize: One winner will receive a $50 Amazon gift card or $50 PayPal cash prize(winner’s choice) Giveaway ends: April 26, 11:59 pm, 2017
Open to: Internationally. 
How to enter: Please enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. 
Terms and Conditions: NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW. A winner will be randomly drawn through the Rafflecopter widget and will be contacted by email within 48 hours after the giveaway ends. The winner will then have 72 hours to respond. If the winner does not respond within 72 hours, a new draw will take place for a new winner. Odds of winning will vary depending on the number of eligible entries received. This contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. This giveaway is sponsored by the author, Louise Courey Nadeau and is hosted and managed by Stacie from BeachBoundBooks. If you have any additional questions feel free to send an email to stacie@BeachBoundBooks.com.

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Monday, April 10, 2017

Book Review: Finding the Angel by Rubina Ramesh

Good day everyone !!!
I finished reading Finding the Angel by Rubina Ramesh. The book cover is awesome, the story line is  palpable, book cant be put down (be warned) and so I join the crowd of reviewers gushing over it ;)

To read about the book, check: Book Blitz: Finding The Angel by Rubina Ramesh

Finding the Angel by Rubina Ramesh

Shefali Verma an art curator is assigned the project to catalog the Ranuat dynasties artifacts dating from 17th century. She is sent off on the assignment with a warning not to get close to the heart-breaker Prince Aryan by her Kalpana aunty who is her employer and mother figure after losing her parents when she was 12.
Shefali loves all things historical and dreams of the royal eras. Its no wonder she is captivated by the Ranaut empire and in turn slowly falling for Prince Aryan. Prince Aryan too against his years of ingrained discipline of not getting attached to any woman is surprised at the way his heart yearns for Shefali.
Both share a compatible love for arts and artifacts. But this soon turns their worlds upside when one of the costliest artifact The Angel goes missing and all clues lead to Shefali. Shefali cant defend herself enough. Aryan is torn between his love and break of trust by Shefali.
Who stole The Angel? Will the disappearance of The Angel be the cause of losing the love of their lives too?

What I liked:
Oh everything so much that I wanted it to continue or wished Rubina had added a few 100 pages more to the story ;)
The book cover is super and spot on. Good work Sachin Venkatesh !
The blurb catches your attention. The plot is so fast and filled with tension all the time, you cant keep the book down. Remember to breath coz you will be angry to most of the time with the Prince Charming.
The language is flawless. Felt so good reading a good worded book after a long time ;)
The picturisation is so perfect you actually get transported to the land of royals, the grandeur, the eccentricities, the history,.... Talk about living a royal dream with eyes open :)

The characters are so well expressed. Right from Kalpana the boss cum mother figure, Queen Gitanjali Devi as the ethereal mother queen to all, Raima or snotty Sonakshi.

Not to mention our 2 protagonists. Shefali, carved her own identity and was no naive girl trampled upon by the royal members. I loved her for her indecision's, her confusion, her lack of anger bursts which could be fatal if I had been in her place, her loneliness, her empathy for the love of her life and his family members especially towards the Queen.
The Prince was the perfect snout and one used to woman throwing themselves at him. Till 3/4th of the book I wanted to slap him hard for not using his brains and shaming Shefali all the time. But slowly realized it was the way his past had made him the man he was or his heart made it clear why he was after Shefali and why Shefali was time and again hurting to see him hurting.
Both were blowing hot & cold all the time. Make up your mind, people :D
Complex characters you create, Rubina !

The mystery and romance mix worked very well. Loved the dialogues between Shefali & Aryan. Sarcasm and intelligence proportionally added :)

Rubina, you can write an erotica. Please do ;) Waiting for it. The love making scenes were eagerly waited for coz the tension before them was pulsating not just in the protagonists but also the reader.

Clever Rubina pulled in a toweled Ranveer Kapoor scene to make us gape in the first few pages.

What I wanted more:
I wanted more details of the time Shefali and Aryan spent together before the theft happened. No one wants to miss some toe-curling romantic moments, do they? ;) Around 100 more pages would have the job :D
Next book please, fast ! ;)

Grab the Book at:

Other posts about Rubina and her books:
Book Blitz: Finding The Angel by Rubina Ramesh
GuestPost: Why did Payal have marks on her if Chunni was tormenting her? to Rubina Ramesh
Book Review: Knitted Tales by Rubina Ramesh

Do read the book(s) and let us know your views.
Bye. Take care.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Book Review: A Walk in the Rain by Udai Yadla

Greetings People !
Presenting Mr. Udai Yadla's debut book A Walk in the Rain. A simple and moving story.
Know briefly about the story: Spotlight: A Walk in the Rain by Udai Yadla

Sunny an introvert and staying with his father is a lonesome kid. Then comes Sandy a bubbly, cheerful, loving girl who lights up his life and becomes the love and center of his life. As fate would have it they get separated before they complete school. Sunny takes it hard on himself and becomes a loner with a decent job and life. Through some luck he has a few friends who owe their lives to Sunny. One of them is Imran, who takes it upon himself to get Sunny out of his gloomy life. What he plans for celebrating Sunny's birthday surprise gets him killed in a brothel and Sunny swears to kill the murderer Hari a goon with Victor's gang. To help Sunny get to Hari, Saloni one of the prostitute quotes an amount. Sunny having no choice and police hunting for them both agrees. Pooja Saloni's friend helps a bit in the tracking of Hari. Pooja and Saloni have a past which has made them choose this profession. But soon Saloni wants to get Hari killed too. Why?
Will Sunny get to avenge his friends death? Who is Saloni? Why does Sunny feel an unconscious connection with Saloni as they spend time together?

What I liked:
Simple narration of the story. No fancy lines or drama to depict the plight of prostitutes or devdas life of Sunny.
The characters are well etched. The way the locations are described give them an old small world charm. The description of the way friendship and lives evolves in small towns make them last a lifetime. I liked that the female protagonists are strong spirited.
The flow is a bit stretched and could be shortened. The words and language is simple. Few passages are thought provoking too.
The action scenes are depicted minutely. Some tricks used with mobile phone were surprising and new for me.
The story flows in present tense with sudden flashbacks. But doesn't disrupt the flow.
The ending was good and not unbelievable.

What I wanted more:
Tighter script. Grammatical mistakes could be reduced with proofreading and a good Editor.

For a debut novel, its a good one time read. 

Do buy the book and give your reviews:

Bye. Take care!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Book Blitz: Finding The Angel by Rubina Ramesh

Good day Everyone !
Latest book by our Friend and Author Rubina Ramesh: Finding the Angel. Join us to explore more about the story.

Rubina Ramesh


All She wanted was love...

Shefali is a die-hard romantic. Having lost her parents at a very tender age, she is in search of a place which she can call home. Her passion for Art lands her a job as an art curator to the famous artifacts of the Ranaut Dynasty. When she meets the scion, Aryan Ranaut, she feels that her dream might come true until…

All He wanted was to trust…

Living the life of a modern day Prince is no easy task for the young and dashing Aryan Ranaut. Having lost his father to a rapacious woman, Aryan has severe trust issues. But upon meeting Shefali, he feels he could let down his guard. Until…

All They need is to find The Angel…

Just as Aryan realizes his love for Shefali, one of the most precious artifacts, The Angel, goes missing from the Ranaut collection. All fingers point towards Shefali—more so because she leaves the palace without telling anyone on the very night of the theft. 

Finding the Angel is a story where duty clashes with love and lack of trust overrides passion. Under these circumstances, can The Angel bring the star-crossed lovers together?

Grab your copy @

Amazon.com.au | Amazon.ca

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About the author

Rubina Ramesh is an avid reader, writer, blogger, book reviewer, and marketer. She is the founder of The Book Club, an online book publicity group. Her first literary work was published in her school magazine. It gave her immense pride to see her own name at the bottom of the article. She was about 8 years old at that time. She then went to complete her MBA and after her marriage to her childhood friend, her travel saga started. From The Netherlands to the British Isles she lived her life like an adventure. After a short stint in Malaysia, she finally settled down in the desert state of USA, Arizona. Living with her DH and two human kids and one doggie kid, Rubina has finally started living the life she had always dreamed about – that of a writer.

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Monday, April 3, 2017

Book Review: Finding Juliet by Toffee

Greetings everyone,
Drama ! Drama ! Drama ! Girls love Drama !
Better late than never, but here is the Review of the Book: Finding Juliet by Toffee.

Arjun a young Romeo is down in the depths of despair over his failed love affairs where True love or so he thought left him brokenhearted and in depression. There is no lack of girls or his true love for them but they all leave him. He moves to Bangalore and a new life to escape painful memories and his suicidal thoughts. Thanks to his childhood friend Anjali he is still alive. Then he meets Krish who is like the Love Guru for Arjun and demystifies love, lust and girls for him. Krish pulls him out and makes him into a girl magnet. Then there is no dearth of girls, sex, affairs,... for him. But still he feels there is a void in his life.
What does he need more? How does he fill the void? Who is the Juliet for this Romeo turned Playboy? Read about the book here: Spotlight: Finding Juliet by Toffee

What I liked:
Language is simple and good. For a 200+ pages book it is a thick book and has multiple stories all about Arjun.
Description of places is good. Description of loneliness, despair, depression are well written.
All characters are etched out pretty well.
Loved the way psychology of men and women is laid out. I wanted to deny the facts stated about women but many are true. Hats off on that point !
The story also tries to impart a message to young girls and boys in love, society in general and people on the verge of suicide.

What I wanted more:
I wanted to smack Arjun in the 1st half of the book for being so dumb. He was like a kid with a toy who doesn't know what to do with it :| . He had a string of girlfriends but was the one to get himself friend-zoned or dumped.
The way he turns into a Player was slightly irritating to me. Loose morals I wanted to say. The girls were described to be even more naive, shallow or .....
The ending was too obvious and unbelievable. What happened to Rahul, eh Mr. Toffee?

Do buy the book

Bye. Take care !

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Book Blitz: The Diamond Heist by Sai Daksh

Greetings People,
We have among us a Young Author who is just 11years old can you believe it :) Introducing Sai Daksh's book: The Diamond Heist.
I am eager to know more about this story. Join me.

Sai Daksh


Life was all fun and play, with a few small adventures and mishaps, for Daksh, Arsh, Garv, Om, Swarit, Aditi and Simran till… 

They are recruited by the Indian Detective Agency. 

They are summoned to the headquarters and given a mission – to recover a lost diamond. 

With all the plans and props in place, they set forth to hunt down the diamond. 

By chance, they stumble upon a conspiracy that is connected to the theft. 

Do they succeed in foiling the conspiracy? What happened to the lost diamond?

Grab your copy @

About the author

Sai Daksh Shetty, at the age of eleven, completed the book 7 Agents: The Diamond Heist. At the age of six, he had started writing short stories. At the age of eight, he used to draw comic strips and share it with his friends. Although this is his first book, he plans to write a whole series on the 7 Agents. Since early childhood, he has had a very creative mind and uses his imagination in all his activities. He is very interested in all forms of creative arts. He is very open-minded. The main characters of the book have been inspired by his real life friends. Om, Garv, Arsh and Swarit are his best friends and are in the book, while Aditi and Simran are fictional.     


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