Thursday, September 7, 2017

Spotlight: Zero Debt by Neeraj Deginal

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Everyone intends to be Debt free in life. Lets get to know Author Neeraj Deginal's journey from being in Debt to being Debt free. Real life & practical tips here.

Zero Debt – Break the Debt Cycle and Re-Claim Your Life, is about the author's ten-year long journey from going neck deep into debt to being absolutely debt-free.

In this book you will learn:

-How the author got into debt (circumstances)
-How being in debt paralysed cognitive decision making
-How even simple day to day life became complicated
-The thought process applied by the author to analyse his situation rationally
-Systematic steps taken by the author to become and stay debt-free and the dilemmas faced during execution
-Further actions taken to simplify life and plan for a better life

This book seeks to inspire the reader to become debt-free, which eventually leads them to total freedom, be it, financial freedom, emotional freedom or freedom from stress.

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About Author:

Neeraj Deginal – Author, Trader, IT (Information Technology) Consultant, Minimalist and a Life Enthusiast!

Neeraj is a passionate person with a never say die attitude. After extricating himself from his debt-laden situation for good, he had a desire to share his experience, which could help and motivate others and hence his book Zero Debts- Break the Debt Cycle and Reclaim Your Life.

After becoming debt-free, he quit his full time job to become a part time IT Consultant. Neeraj lives in a rented house with his wife and daughters; his parents, elder brother and family living next door. He follows minimalism (has limited pairs of clothes and stuffs – donated the rest) and likes to keep things simple.

He is a vegetarian, likes to eat healthy food and exercise to keep himself fit. When he is not working, he likes to spend time with family & friends, reading books, traveling and for community services.

Neeraj is a Trader (stock market) as well, his newfound love and passion.

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All the best to Neeraj !
Readers do read the book and share your reviews.

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