Friday, November 10, 2017

Book Review: Grow up Messy by Paromita Goswami

Good day People !
Do you remember incidents from your childhood days? They usually leave a grin on your face. Those were days of unlimited time, play, friends, innocence, curiosity...
Paromita Goswami's book: Grow up Messy gave me that grin and curiosity of waiting to see what Misry aka Messy was up to next.

Grab The Book-Book Review: Grow up Messy by Paromita Goswami

Buy the book and snuggle up (with your kid) for a dive into the minds of naughty girl-Messy.

Misry is a 5year old bundle of energy. She cant keep still and her mind/brain is always buzzing with ideas and questions. She lives in the BSF quarters with her parents temporarily until next time her father gets transferred. Her parents try their best to keep up with energy levels and answer her questions patiently. But Messy is always looking for fun. The book gives an account of her episodes in the army quarters or her grandparents house.
Read it to laugh out loud at her innocence :)

What I liked:
Messy's characterisation is superbly penned. You can imagine her in real life enacting the episodes from the book. Loved that she is tough (wont call her tomboy) and sweet at the same time.
She doesnt back down easily from a fight. Her sense of justice is strong too.
Parents and other characters are well described too.

You get a glimpse of army life in this book. I liked her father's attitude and the way he handled his daughter.

The language is simple and good. This book can be read alone by kids above 8yrs old, I think. My 4yr old didnt sit still to read so many words :) But its not just for kids reading. Adults would also find it interesting, let me clear that too.

I liked the cover of the book too. It matches my imagination of the story.

What I wanted more:
A little crisp or short. Some parts in the book can be shortened.

This book is a lovely addition to your reading. Leave your judgemental brain out and enjoy this innocence filled book :)

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