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Book Review: Locked in by Iris Darshi

Good day !

 Book: Locked In by Iris Darshi

Debut Author and Debut Book again on our blog today. I am honoured that Iris Darshi wanted me to review her book: Locked In. After reading the Blurb, I really really wanted to know what Dev & Jiya did inside the Locked room ? ;) :D

Buy a copy and read this fast read. I loved it and you wont be disappointed.

 Book: Locked In by Iris Darshi


Jiya and Dev have been together for 5 years and married for 3 years. First year of marriage was beautiful but the last 2 were tearing them apart. They are now signing their divorce papers. Their lawyers who are their best friends too, lock them up in the conference room. They ask Dev and Jiya to talk to each other for just this 1 night.
How can 1 night untangle 2 years of misery they both have inflicted on each other? What was the cause of cracks in their marriage? Can just talking help?

Buy the book and Find out.

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What I liked:

Intensity of emotions. First and best part of this book. The emotions are vivid in Iris Darshi's writing. You can feel the desperation of Jiya, anger of Dev, the panic of Jiya's panic attack, the fear for her in Dev,.. etc vividly in the words penned by Iris Darshi. Pulsating.

The tense air in the room makes you feel breathless. You hold your breathe while turning the pages, eagerly waiting for these two love lorn lovebirds to come mid way and find a solution.

I loved how as the talks progress you are taken deeper into the lives and minds of both Dev and Jiya. Loved how both seemingly Perfect people have cracks in their Armour and they allow only the chosen ones to see them.

This story shows: Beautiful outside, scarred inside. Each one of us is and how we need to honestly communicate with Our people.  I have turned lyrical :)
I learnt a thing or two about love, relationships, communication, etc with this book. Hope to apply it in real life.

I liked the format of the book. I dont know what it is called though.
It showed each instance from Dev and Jiya's perspective. So you can see how the views differ from each's POV. Hats off to carrying 2 narratives in one book Iris.

Short, sweet and lingering good feel book. Thank you for letting me review your book Iris Darshi.

What I wanted more:

The bonus chapter at the end is the perfect bait to ask for the next book soon. Prequel to this story? I have taken the bait. Gladly. Write faster or rather Publish faster.

Grab the Book:

Do buy the book, read and leave a review on Goodreads and Amazon.

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Monday, December 16, 2019

Book Review: The Abandoned Daughter by Hyma Goparaju

Greetings Everyone,

 Book: The Abandoned Daughter by Hyma Goparaju

We are ready with another Book Review.
Hyma Goparaju's second book: The Abandoned Daughter has just been released. The blurb and the Title of the book made me think twice before picking up the book. I being a mother to a daughter and with an impressional imagination, I was skeptical if I will be able to read the full book. This book pulled me right in, from the first few pages.

 Book: The Abandoned Daughter by Hyma Goparaju

Grab The Book:

This story is about Gomti Devi, a feudal landlady with 7 sons and 100s of acres of land. The only aim of Gomti Devi is to have a male heir to their family. She is a terror to her family members, villagers and the surrounding villages. She yields extreme power and uses it keep everyone around her suppressed. This thirst for Grandson(s) is unquenched and she resorts to unimaginable cruel deeds.

The British rulers have started their census survey and they come across many glaring discrepancies. They set out to re-verify these errors or facts.
Will Gomti Devi's tyrannical reign come to an end now? How will she maintain her powerful position and retain her family honour and name? What will the British officers uncover ?

What I liked:
This is not a documentary or fact stating book that I was expecting it to be. This book contains a story which will keep you rooted, make you want to scream or shed tears, bile rising but you will keep reading till the end. Reading the book was like walking around in your nightmare hoping there is some happy ending and subconsciously knowing there will be none.

This book re creates the scene of Pre-Independence in Northern India. The reader is transported to the old era of patriarchy, oppressive rules, caste and race discrimination, gender discrimination etc. The book has a story about a family and its decades of inhuman deeds conducted on everyone around them coz they yield the power of money, muscle and guts.

The story is big and has many characters. The women pysche is shown clearly here.
This story highlights the phrase: Women can together stand up only when they stop putting other women down.

 There is balance of men, women characters and each play their role effortlessly. The Author has penned each character beautifully. You visualize the hefty Gomti Devi growing like a demoness after each page. You are irked by her sons and their censurable ways. The daughter-in-laws and their state are pitiable.

The story shows the grim reality of female infanticide, sati, women oppression, infidelity, caste divide, etc. These were practiced rampantly in those ages. Even if now the situation has improved there is little hope for Women.

I liked the way the Author has shown both sides of the coin. As they say the rituals were formed for a reason but later we turned them into superstitions and blind faith. This is explained via the story and its characters.
For example, It shows that the daughter-in-laws are from poor families hence do not question the mother-in-laws authority and slavery she forces on them. But it also shows the reason why the mother-in-law chose wives for her sons from poor families. Many such rituals, thought process  are laid bare as the story progresses.

I liked the deep thought process, planning, scheming the older ladies did to always have an upper hand in all activities. The author has given mettle to even the vamps of the story. The male characters are incorrigible and need thorough bashing up. Each gets you into a boiling rage. I was hoping the other characters work together to end their suffering. But this is no movie. The story shows how these inhuman deeds have been happening for decades now and rules are meant to be broken.

Like I said, it is a big story and it flows effortlessly. The language is good and simple. I didn’t have to remind or motivate myself to pick up the book. I used to pick it up every time I had a few minutes to spare.

The story describes the native scene nicely. Simple things like the well, hookah, beetle juice, horse cart, flowers, etc are inter woven creatively to bring each scene to life. Small details like knee joint pain of Gomti Devi, the spices used in the recipes, the grandeur of British officers upkeep or mansions in Lucknow city added color to the scenes.

What I wanted more:
I wanted justice served. It was served by a twist of destiny but I still think it was a mild sentence.
I wanted to rush through the part of Kulbhushan going to Lucknow and his so called reformation. Those few pages could have been cut down.

I am glad I read this book till the end. It is a balanced book and didn’t leave me with irreversible vivid imaginative scenes as a mother or a woman.

About the Author:
 Author Hyma Goparaju

Hyma Goparaju is an entrepreneur with a Ph.D. in business management. Storytelling delights her, art forms interest her and engaging conversations hold her. Writing is a cathartic release turned into a passion she frequently likes to immerse herself in. The Abandoned Daughter is her second work of fiction.

I am now curious to read Author Hyma Goparaju's first book: The Withering Banyan  which I have come across many times at our library.

Grab The Book:

Do buy a copy, read it, leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads and comment below your thoughts about the book.

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Interview with Author N.J. Kulkarni

Good day People !

 Book: The Hawa Mahal Murders by N.J.Kulkarni

Welcome to the very First Interview on my blog today.

I have the pleasure of having Nita J. Kulkarni for our Interview. I recently completed reading and reviewing her debut novel: The Hawa Mahal Murders. This interview is based on the questions which kept popping in my head while reading and at the end of the book.

Know about the book at: Spotlight: The Hawa Mahal Murders by N.J.Kulkarni

Read my Book Review of the book at: Book Review: The Hawa Mahal Murders by N.J.Kulkarni

Let us check the Interview questions:

 Book: The Hawa Mahal Murders by N.J.Kulkarni

Grab The Book :     What was the trigger to write this book? Any incident or place? Please share details about how the plot for the story evolved?

N.J. Kulkarni : I once lived in a building in Mumbai, a middle-class building surrounded by the super-rich. This was when the idea came to me but the story is not about the actual building or the people because I didn’t get to know any of them. It was a trigger, that’s all. The story is entirely from my own imagination and so are the characters. Regarding the plot, I let my characters take over. I knew who Smita was, someone who had not fulfilled her potential, someone who had gone through a traumatic experience and wanted to make her life right. I also knew who Jai was. An honest, upright officer. When put into difficult situations they reacted in a certain way and my plot evolved. I do not plot in advance. I have always been fond of crime fiction and wanted to write a crime novel.

Grab The Book : How much time did you take to write the full story?

N.J. Kulkarni : The first draft took about 6 months and another two years to re-write, although there was a gap of some years between the first draft and the subsequent drafts. If I had plotted in advance, I would have finished this book in six months to one year, but it took almost three years. During the re-writes there were parts I deleted.

Grab The Book : There are so many characters in the story. How do you keep track of each and develop them as the story progresses?

N.J. Kulkarni : They were very clear in my head so it was not difficult for me. I come from a large family and I am one of those people who always know who is who! But of course, I had a file on each character. Basically to develop distinct speech patterns and mannerisms. I wanted to make each character as vivid as possible. The characters may be clear in my head but this had to be communicated to the reader. Now, while writing my second novel, I am using Scrivener. It helps a lot in organizing during
the writing process.

Grab The Book : Tell us more about how you won the Manuscript Contest at Pune International Literary Festival (PILF). Lucky you, to have the honour of your debut book being launched by Javed Akhtar 😊

N.J. Kulkarni : I had sent my book proposal to some publishers but no one wanted to read my novel. A publisher asks for the full manuscript if they like the proposal but I was an unknown, ordinary person. It was disheartening because I knew my work was better than most of the thrillers that were being launched by the big publishers. There is one mammoth publisher who actually criticized my first few chapters and told me this was not how to write a crime novel! But readers have loved my first few chapters and have told me that it got them hooked. There should be no formula on how to start a crime novel. Can’t it be about the people?
Coming back to the publishing process…when I was at my most depressed, my brother told me that I should apply for the Pune lit fest manuscript competition. I was reluctant because I was sure I wouldn’t win. I didn’t want another slap in my face! He persuaded me on the last day of entry but I was so sure I wouldn’t win that I did not attend the inauguration of the Pune lit fest last year (2018) when the winner was announced. Shobha De was the Chief guest. Then a few hours later, I met the editor of Vishwakarma Publications (a co-sponsor of the Pune lit fest) and asked him who won. He told me The Hawa Mahal Murders and I was frozen to the spot! It was a suspense story by itself! And Javed Akhtar launched my book at the inauguration of the Pune lit fest in September 2019 as he was the Chief guest. All this would not have happened without Vishwakarma Publications and the Pune lit fest and I will forever be grateful to them.

Grab The Book : What are your other hobbies? What do you enjoy in life apart from writing?

N.J. Kulkarni : I am an obsessive reader and also a hand reader. Hand reading or palmistry has been my hobby ever since I was a kid. My creative writing started around the age of ten and palmistry in my teens. I am currently working on a non-fiction book on hand reading, along with the sequel to The Hawa Mahal Murders.

Connect with her at:Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Multi talented is our Author N.J.Kulkarni. Thank you mam for gracing my blog.

Book Lovers, you must buy a copy of the book, read and leave a Review on Amazon and Goodreads.

Grab The Book at:

Bye. Take care.

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Book Review: Untethered by Sunanda J. Chatterjee

Good day Book Lovers,
Do you love Short Stories? I have begun to love them recently.This book of Short stories by Sunanda Chatterjee : Untethered is mind numbing.
A very small book and can be finished reading in few hours coz you cant stop at just one story.

 Book: Untethered by Sunanda J. Chatterjee


49 pages. 14 short stories. Some of them not even half a page. But each hits you hard. You cant just read one story and put the book down.
2nd book of short stories which I would love to keep going back to.

Grab The Book at:

What I liked:

Sunanda Chatterjee has a way with words and can highlight human emotions and psyche perfectly. She shows the flaws so openly, you start to introspect if you too have them.

The way she deals with loss, pain, heartbreak,.... is heart breaking but not sarcastic. She shows the sarcastic nature of destiny with these 14 short stories.

As a mother my heart broke after reading: The Escape, The Lost boys.
It soared after reading: The Muddy Shoes, A Friend A Date and a Carton of Milk

What I wanted more:
Hope to read more of Sunanda's writing.

Grab The Book at:

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Book Blitz: Fighting for Tara by Sunanda J. Chatterjee
Guest Post: Wellington Estates Series is your first book series? to Sunanda Chatterjee
Spotlight: Sins of the Father by Sunanda Chatterjee

The Other short story books I love:
Book Review: Small is Big by Rafaa Dalvi
Book Review: The Money Lender by Manju Nambiar
Book Review: Knitted Tales by Rubina Ramesh

Buy the book, read and leave a review on Amazon & Goodreads. Thank you in advance.

Bye. Take care.

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Book Review: The Hawa Mahal Murders by N.J.Kulkarni

Greetings everyone,
Which was the lastest book you found you couldnt stop reading?
For me it was, The Hawa Mahal Murders by N.J.Kulkarni. I couldnt believe its a debut book for the author. The book covers a big mystery story plot which keeps unraveling till the last page. I enjoyed reading a Crime Thriller after a long time. I savored this book slowly.

Do read about the story and book at: Spotlight: The Hawa Mahal Murders by N.J.Kulkarni

 Book: The Hawa Mahal Murders by N.J.Kulkarni

Smita has just re-started her new life with Karan Joshi when he suddenly makes all of them move to Mumbai. He insists on settling in the Hawa Mahal which is a bad replica of its Jaipur original. The place doesnt give Smita the good vibes. A murder occurs in Hawa Mahal on their first night there. The police are checking on everyone. Jai Rege the officer in charge is thorough in his investigation. His boss wants to close the case in 24 hours. There are famous people involved and residents of Hawa Mahal. To top it, Karan is acting weird.
Its a mix of dirty politics, corrupt system, race to reach the superior position, hiding more skeletons in the closet. Solving one murder isnt easy when the suspects keep getting changed, more are added and then there are series of murders. The victims are strangled to death. Is the Strangler and Murderer the same person? Are these murders plotted by a Serial Killer?
Whom to trust? Who is telling the truth? What is the motive for the murders? Are each murders and their murderers different or same? Will this case too be just shushed off with innocent people taken as accused coz the CM's son is one of the suspect ?

Buy this UnPutDownable book at:

What I liked:
The mysterious haze throughout the book. The description of people and places especially Hawa Mahal is always shady and with many layers throughout the book.

This book is difficult to put down. The mystery keeps getting tangled and the twists and turns happen till end of the book.

There are many characters in the book. Each character in the book has many layers and the layers keep getting peeled as the story progresses. The story of each character is unraveled in parts, revealing the connection and position as the book progresses. Its complicated and tangled up like noodles but without confusing the reader. I am still trying to think how the Author N.J.Kulkarni kept track of each and perfectly added the parts together.
I loved how mental disorders or serial killer mentality, childhood trauma and its effects on character building are weaved into the plot.

The flow of the story is steady. Even during the murders or the coups in guise of secret meetings with the Murderer... the flow is steady. Your breathe will only race. The narration goes in its steady pace.
The language throughout is simple and good. The story is full of complexities but the detailing of everything is simple for your mind to visualize and map it to each incident, suspect, place etc. You start to make a chart with all these details in your mind as the story progresses. I am still grappling with some of the loose ends or misplaced details after finishing the book.

The book is 280 pages but the story is huge without overwhelming. Perfect balance of story, mystery, crime, thrill and human psychology.

The story brought to light the working of the police, investigations, mind of a serial killer, celebrities and their real vs reel life.
Kudos to the author for putting in so much research, efforts to get the details in place.

I hope there is Book Series on Jai Rege and his investigation process. I hope the Author wont disappoint us :)

What I wanted more:
Everything is perfect about the writing, research, story plot. I just was disappointed with Smita's choice of profession in the middle of story and end too. Wish she had chosen something better.

Dont want to give out spoilers. So

Grab The Book at:

Do buy the book, read it, and leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads.

Thank you in advance.

Bye. Take care.

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Spotlight: #JustRomance by Jyoti Arora

Good day !
New book to introduce: #JustRomance by Jyoti Arora. Lets get to know more about the book below:

 Book: #JustRomance by Jyoti Arora

Jyoti Arora

 Book: #JustRomance by Jyoti Arora


7 heart-warming love stories to make you smile

You raised a song in my heart
That I never knew before.
Now kiss me, Love,
For I yearn to know
What a dream must taste like.

Luxury adds glamour to romances, danger adds thrill. But it is real emotions that turn love magical. And when love casts its magic, even ordinary people can have extraordinary love stories.

It is seven such delicious and relatable Indian romances that this book brings to you.

With realistic characters that will live in your heart. With romance spanning across mountains, forests, glowing beaches, or coming alive in roadside dhabas and buzzing city streets. With myriad gripping emotions of friendship and love, these feel-good love stories are sure to touch your heart with delight.

If you are in love with love,

then these beautiful romances are a must-read for you!

Seven couples, seven clean contemporary romances, one delicious book.


Because nothing matters more than love.
Read an excerpt

Grab your copy @ | | 

About the author

 Author Jyoti Arora

Jyoti Arora is an Indian novelist and blogger. Besides her books, her writing achievements include several wins in blogging competitions, over five years of freelance writing experience, developing books for kids and abridging 30 English novels like Jane Eyre, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, etc. 

Jyoti’s first novel ‘Dream’s Sake’ was published by V&S Publishers in 2011. It tells a beautiful love story revolving around the troubles of physically challenged people. Her second novel ‘Lemon Girl’ is based on the theme of gender crime against women and victim-blaming. It is featured in Ezvid’s wiki list of 9 Well-Written Novels That Put Women Front & Center. It also received appreciation from Ms. Maneka Gandhi. Her third novel ‘You Came Like Hope’ talks about the opposite side of the issue discussed in Lemon Girl. That is, it talks about the fake cases filed by women. This too is a case of gender crime and victim-blaming. But in this case, it is the man who suffers. The book received much appreciation for its unique theme and heart-warming love story. All three books are intense and based on serious social issues. For her fourth book, Jyoti decided to write something lighter and happier. That’s what has resulted in #JustRomance, a collection of happy love stories. 

Books have always been Jyoti’s best friends. In fact, books so fascinated her from early childhood that she learnt to read by herself even before she started going to school. And she considers herself fortunate that she is able to pursue her dream of being a novelist and work at what she loves best.

However, if books are her first love, the thrilling and steadily advancing world of technology also fascinates her. As a result, one of her blogs is a technological blog called TechnoTreats. One of her posts in this blog even won her the title of Samsung Mobiler in 2011. After that, she has won several other blogging competitions too.

She is a patient of Thalassemia which forced her to drop out of school too soon. But she did not let that defeat her. She studied on her own and completed her schooling through correspondence courses. Then she went on to Jyoti study BA English (Honours) from Delhi University and then achieved postgraduation degrees in English Literature and Applied Psychology from Annamalai University.

For her determination and achievements, she has received appreciation from several eminent dignitaries and her life story has been covered in various TV shows, radio programs, newspapers, magazines, and websites. In the year 2016, she was one of the 100 special women achievers of India that were invited as special guests to attend the Republic Day parade in Delhi. 

You can stalk her @

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

  This Tour is Hosted by 

We Promote So That You Can Write 

Do buy the Book, read it and leave a review on Amazon & Good reads. Thank you in advance.

Bye. Take care.

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Spotlight: The Hawa Mahal Murders by N.J.Kulkarni

Greetings Book Lovers,

 Spotlight: The Hawa Mahal Murders by N.J.Kulkarni

Let us get to know a debut Author N.J.Kulkarni and her debut book: The Hawa Mahal Murders. A Crime, Thriller & Mystery novel. The Title itself piques my interest. I remember my trip to Jaipur in 2012 whenever I think of this book.
What is the motive behind the Murders? Lets get to know more about the Book.
Book Review is coming up soon. Stay tuned.
Grab The Book at:

 Book: The Hawa Mahal Murders by N.J.Kulkarni
The Hawa Mahal Murders by N.J.Kulkarni
Buy at:

It was an old building in Mumbai, a wretched imitation of Hawa Mahal. Built by a rich jeweller as homage to his adulterated love. It wasn’t cursed but it might as well have been. Forbidden love extracts a price, even if it is years later.

This is a story about a blackmailer and serial killer hiding in plain sight.

It is also a story about Smita, a troubled housewife trapped in a bad marriage, and about Jai, an honest police officer desperate to prove himself, but stymied at every step by a crooked boss and a corrupt system. When a beautiful socialite is killed in a posh locality in Mumbai, Jai watches with horror as his colleagues scramble to save the Chief Minister’s son and frame an innocent man. As the body count rises, he has to ask himself whether he is willing to risk his career and his life to do what is right. Smita, struggling to come to terms with the dark secrets in her husband Karan’s mysterious past, gets sucked into a world of deceit and treachery. Unsure of whom to trust, she must first fight her own inner demons before she can salvage whatever little she can of the world crumbling around her.

Grab The Book at:

 Author N.J.Kulkarni

About the Author:

Nita has an English Literature degree at the graduation level and an MBA (Marketing), both from Pune.

Initially, she worked in Advertising but switched to journalism after a few years. Her journalism career started with working for major national publications like The Times of India and Deccan Herald and later she wrote for The Telegraph and Sunday Express. She also wrote regularly for magazines A&M and The International Indian and worked full-time for The Economic Times and Business Today magazine.

Nita wrote on a wide variety of topics ranging from Health and Lifestyle to Crime, Education and Business.

Her creative writing, however, continued, and several of her short stories were published in newspapers.

She won a manuscript competition at the Pune International Literary Festival (PILF) and her crime thriller titled "The Hawa Mahal Murders" was launched on the 20th of September 2019, during the inauguration of PILF19, by Javed Akhtar, the famous lyricist. This is her first novel.

Connect with her at:Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Do buy the Book, Read it and leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads. Thank you in advance :)

Bye. Take care.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Book Review: More Unfairy Tales by T.F.Carthick

Greetings fellow humans,
I just finished reading More Unfairy Tales by T.F.Carthick, the sequel to Unfairy Tales. I loved the Unfairy Tales. So I was eager to read this one.

 Book: More Unfairy Tales by T F Carthick

Grab The Book at:

More Unfairy Tales is collection of 5 stories. They are anything but Fairy Tales. Hence the name Unfairy Tales.  Buy the book to know how: More Unfairy Tales by TF Carthick

What I liked:
Unconventional thinking. A different perspective to look at the fairy tales we have been hearing for generations.

The stories make you think of all the possible twists and end to the stories. Carthick's stories make you think at everything you know from a new angel.

The clean language was good to read. The 5 unfairy tales are the ones we have been reading since we were little children but with a different perspective.

I looked at the Book Cover more closely after reading the book. Now I knew what thought went when making the Book Cover.

What I wanted more:
Crisp story line for each story. I found the stories rambling around. Too many details added. It was as if someone was writing their mental chatter and hence the stories just went on and on.

I still love the first book. Hope to read more of T.F.Carthick's books. All the best.

Grab The Book at:

Buy the book. Read it. Leave a review at Amazon and Goodreads.
Bye. Take care.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Spotlight: You Beneath Your Skin by Damyanti Biswas

Good day!
Introducing a Crime, Thriller and Mystery novel You Beneath Your Skin by Damyanti Biswas.
This book has crossed all the records within few days of its launch and is still going strong. You need to read the raving reviews it is still getting. I am late in posting this Spotlight. But I needed to do it. Main reason: The Proceeds from this book will go to Project Why and Chhanv foundation.

Damyanti is a power house of a woman. She is a blogger I have followed from the beginning of my Blogging journey (since 2007). If you read her blogs, you will feel warm and fuzzy inside. She is doing tremendous amount work in supporting orphan children through Project why and Acid Attack survivors through: Chhanv with #StopAcidAttacks.

I am honoured to shine the Spotlight on her debut novel: You Beneath Your Skin published by Simon & Schuster India

 Book: You Beneath Your Skin by Damyanti Biswas

Buy the Book at: 


Lies. Ambition. Family. 

It’s a dark, smog-choked New  Delhi winter. Indian American single mother Anjali Morgan juggles her  job as a psychiatrist with caring for her autistic teenage son. She is  in a long-standing affair with ambitious Police Commissioner Jatin Bhatt  – an irresistible attraction that could destroy both their lives. 

Jatin’s  home life is falling apart: his handsome and charming son is not all he  appears to be, and his wife has too much on her plate to pay attention  to either husband or son. But Jatin refuses to listen to anyone, not  even the sister to whom he is deeply attached. 
Across  the city there is a crime spree: slum women found stuffed in trash bags,  faces and bodies disfigured by acid. And as events spiral out of  control Anjali is horrifyingly at the centre of it all.

In  a sordid world of poverty, misogyny, and political corruption, Jatin  must make some hard choices. But what he unearths is only the tip of the  iceberg. Together with Anjali he must confront old wounds and uncover  long-held secrets before it is too late.

 Book: You Beneath Your Skin

Buy the Book at: 

About the Author:

 Author Damyanti Biswas

Damyanti Biswas lives in Singapore, and works with Delhi's underprivileged children as part of Project Why, a charity that promotes education and social enhancement in underprivileged communities. Her short stories have been published in magazines in the US, UK, and Asia, and she helps edit the Forge Literary Magazine. You can find her on her blog and twitter.

Do please buy the book, read it and leave your review on Amazon and Goodreads. Lets support a good cause.

Bye. Take care.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Spotlight: The Magician by Sonia Rao

Good day people !
Join me in welcoming Book: The Magician by Sonia Rao. Lets find out more about the story of lives of three women as they try to find the meaning of True Love.

 Book: The Magician by Sonia Rao

 Book: The Magician by Sonia Rao


Fashion designer Sasha Kapoor always felt she'd missed out on love as she had an arranged marriage. And when her husband turns up at their 15th-anniversary party with a strange woman, she knows that her marriage is dying. With constant surprises and disasters to contend with, will Sasha ever get a chance at true love?

Shantha is much sought after for her tarot card readings on love, but can’t seem to help her own love life with a string of broken relationships behind her. Now, sparks are flying between her and a sexy bartender but will this relationship fizzle out too?

Young professionals Nilima and her husband are so besotted with each other, they give the word ‘soulmate’ a complex. Theirs is a match made in heaven…till tragedy strikes.

The Magician is a heart-warming story of these three dynamic women as they discover the meaning of true love through loss and longing.

Thoughts from the Author, Sonia Rao

Who is a Magician? If it is a Tarot Card, then it the Major Arcana card in the deck and symbolizes life-changing issues.

 But if it is a person, then it is Sasha, the main protagonist of my novel, The Magician. In this urban, contemporary romance, fashion designer Sasha, who caught within a loveless marriage, now seeks true love. It is also Shantha and Nilima who face their own challenges in love and try to rise above them.

 It is also every woman. This is because, as Shantha says to Sasha in the book, “Imagination is your strength. You have the power to visualize and then manifest what you want. You are the Magician.” Each one of us is The Magician because we hold within ourselves the power to create the life of our dreams.

But how did this cover happen? There is a lovely story behind it. While researching the many tarot decks online, I saw this card on the Attic Shoppe website and I knew at once that this was my “Sasha.”

Go back and have a look at the cover again. Doesn’t it just grip you too? Part practical, part whimsical, part traditional, part digital, this card, like the book, is a labour of love.

The designer, Bethalynne Bajema, created this card for her Black Ibis Tarot card deck.  The love she put in is very evident in the vibe one gets from it. Every time I see it, I am inspired to bring a touch of magic to the everyday routines of mundane life.

Carrying on the serendipity, Bethalynne immediately and graciously agreed to my request to make this card my book cover. Such generosity is hard to come by and I believe it is the Universe’s way of saying “you’re right on track.”  

(Bethalynne can be contacted here: Instagram)

Read an excerpt

Grab your copy @ | | 

About the author

 Author Sonia Rao

"Sonia Rao is a writer, editor, and award-winning blogger. Her fiction has appeared in many prestigious anthologies such as Voices Old & New and Jest Like That (edited by renowned editor-writer Shinie Anthony).

 As NaNoWriMo’s Municipal Liaison for all-India and founder of the Wrimo India group on Facebook, Sonia has motivated thousands of people in India to write a novel every November since 2011. She has also curated and edited the first Wrimo India Anthology, Vengeance—A Sting In Every Tale.

Sonia likes to believe she is ‘high-minded’ but strangely, her fave hobby is thinking up torture devices for those autorickshawallahs who consider the roads to be their personal spittoon. Who knew?"

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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Book Review: The Missing Fairy Princess by Walter Salvadore Pereira

Good day People !
Here is my latest Book Review for the book: The Missing Fairy Princess by Walter Salvadore Pereira

Get ready to be transported into another realm or dimension with surreal landscapes and inhabitants. The land where Humans, Fairies, Witches, Animals and Flying carpets all live together in harmony. But an unfortunate event uncovers many more evil plans. When one of the Twin Fairy Princess gets kidnapped, there is hunt all over for her. But the Princess is untraceable. Who can help find the Fairy Princess? Why was she kidnapped? Who is behind this devilish crime?
Buy, read and get to know :)

 Book: The Missing Fairy Princess by Walter Salvadore Pereira

THE MISSING FAIRY PRINCESS is the story of a fairy princess pitted against a powerful witch. The witch learns from her crystal ball about an imminent threat from a fairy princess wearing a pink tiara. To ward off that threat, she kidnaps the fairy princess, wipes her memory clean and then turns her into a two-year-old girl. Unfortunately for the culprit, she has goofed up by kidnapping the wrong fairy princess, Merlyn, instead of Ashlyn, her twin. To add to her misfortune, the hunt for the Missing Princess is growing stronger. The search party includes Powerful Good witches of the Kingdom, Princess Ashlyn and more members as they unearth the wrong doings of this evil witch.

Will Ashlyn be able to solve the mystery of her missing twin and stop the cunning witch in her evil plot? Find out in the book which is an interesting mix of magical realism and whodunit.
Buy the book: The Missing Fairy Princess by Walter Salvadore Pereira

What I liked:
As I mentioned in the beginning, the virtual transportation into another surreal realm or dimension. Apart from Harry Potter, I haven't read any books from this genre-Fantasy. I was pleasantly surprised while reading this book. Even though the book is about a non-existential world, Author Walter Pereira  makes its seem life-like.

The book has a sweet, lovely, peaceful atmosphere all along. Something like being in the magical land of Disney pictures. I was actually imagining it like how a Disney movie would play.

The Book Cover grabbed my attention when I first saw it. The little girl with the tiara. Her green eyes. The cute puppy. Fairy in the background and a witch with a crystal ball. Perfect setting of the book depicted.

The Premise of the book was intriguing. I had a doubt if I would like a book from this genre. But I was proved wrong. I loved the book :) Thank you, Author Walter Pereira for writing this book.

This book isnt necessarily just for kids. If you believe in Magic & love. This book is for you :) It is suitable for 10+ yr old kids and adults.

The language is super simple and clean. I felt indulged to be reading good English with a fast-paced story plot. The pace of the story is fast and there is not a single dull moment. It covers so many details, plots, characters, places, etc. The book is cramped with information like the Volumes of Magic Mantras the Maharani had written in.
Sorry, trying not to give out spoilers. ;)

The human psychology in beautifully weaved into the story plot. The characters are plenty and the Author has taken pains to give full history about each of them and their connection in the story. Hence as I mentioned the book is cramped with information. Information overload :)

I loved all the Witches in the story. Even the evil ones. Each had a strong character and personality. This was an all Females story. Except for the King and Mayor. Am I correct?
I loved how the solutions were thought of.

The story gallops away. Every chapter there is a new aspect unraveling. Twists are plenty.
The end is a little predictable and is a cliff hanger. But I loved how the pieces join together to solve the mystery of The Missing Fairy Princess.

What I wanted more:
A sequel or Book 2 to tie the loose ends in the story.

A mix of pace in the story. The fast pace along with so many characters and events makes the reader a little dizzy :D Thankfully we were not flying on the magic carpet. The reading of the book gave that feeling. So I would have liked a little slowing down and then picking up of pace intermittently.

The character names were a little complicated and similar sounding. But it was fun. Made you feel like being the land of Classic books with big names for characters.

Overall, I loved the book. Hats off to Author Walter Pereira for penning such a big story in one book. Hope to read more of your books.

Buy the Book at:

 Author Walter Salvadore Pereira
Author Walter Salvadore Pereira 

About the Author:

After spending over 25 years in the Middle East, the author now leads a retired life.  He lives with his wife and son in Thane, the twin city of Mumbai.  He has commenced a new journey as an author at a late stage in life and at the age of 75, has three works of fiction to his credit, all self-published.

The first book titled “This Nightmare is for Real” was a fast-paced sci-fi story, wherein a scientist is relentlessly hounded by a powerful mafia with the aim of stealing his invention.  In an edge-of-the-seat suspense, he single-handedly defeats the mafia.  The Second book titled “Bheem – The Saga of Madhavpur” relates to medieval India where an ambitious king having assembled a powerful army conquers three of his neighbouring kingdoms.  The rivals come together under the leadership of King Bheem of Madhavpur and the story is all about their counter-offensive. The current book “The Missing Fairy Princess” is a new concept fairy tale primarily aimed at audiences in the age groups of 9 to 18+, but as the adage goes “There is a child within each of us” and this book is meant to pamper that child.  My latest book is titled “The Carnivore has a Heart’ and is based on the non-ending cross-border terrorism faced by India. This story has a memorable ending where a braveheart officer of the Indian military intelligence wins the day for his country although at great personal cost and should appeal to all lovers of action thrillers.

Please buy the book, read and leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads. Thank you in advance.

Bye. Take care.