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Book Review: Dance With Me by P.G.Van

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The latest book by P.G.Van: Dance With Me is an optimistic love story about giving life a second chance and pursuing your talent. Read a really big book after a long time on Kindle.

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 Book: Dance With Me by P.G.Van

Suhana Vajra was a housewife for 14 years in a loveless marriage. She has been divorced for a year now. But her ex-husband still holds a grudge and doesn't make life easy for her. She has a 14 year old son who is more like an older brother. Suhana never went to college and was married at 18.

One day Suhana is notified to her horror about videos of her working out while doing house hold chores going viral. She feels threatened and creepy in her own house. She is angry when friends and people tell her they love the videos. Why?

She bumps into Samyan, her elderly neighbors son. Before meeting him, Suhana was angry with him. He helps her out when she is at her lowest. Now she gets feelings unknown to her when she keeps bumping into him all the time.

What is it that they have, she keeps asking herself?
Who is shooting those videos in her own house? Why?
How can she pull them down? How can she stop them completely?

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What I liked:
The phrase:
Whether it's for fun or to reach your fitness goal, Dance with Me!
This has been my slogan for the past few weeks for my fitness regime.

The few characters. Each growing as the story progressed.
Loved how Samyan is tuned into Suhana's mood changes. He knows what is worrying her or when she needs him or what she is thinking. Wish all guys were so attentive to their women's cues.

The language is good. Pace of story was slow.

Loved how Suhana is a worry monger and a typical mother. She then evolves into her own image as she discovers herself. The reasons, her past, her lack of proper qualification, how her ex husband made her feel, etc have defined her until now.

I liked her teen son, Samyan's mom, the concept of the dance school. I liked how memories of Suhana, Samyan are described and linked to the story.

What I wanted more:
Better handling of a Glaring ISSUE !
The topic of privacy breach and stalking should have been handled more maturely. Thinking about someone recording you in your own house is very very unsettling. I was put off through half of the book as a result of it.

The love scenes were too many. You may ask how that is possible. But when most of the story is still to unravel, you would rather want the story first.

Chopping off 50-60 pages at the 50% mark of the book. There was a lull at that point. The last part with Samyan's secret mission were also unnecessary.

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