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Book Review: The Madras Affair by Sundari Venkatraman

Gooood day Beautiful people,

Ya, that is what happens to you after reading a lovely, toe curling, delicious, perfect, glad-feeling Romance novel :) It restores faith in Humanity & reinforces your love for those 'special ones' in your life.

 Book: The Madras Affair by Sundari Venkatraman

Sundari Venkatraman has done it yet again. Hit the nail on its Head, perfectly.
Taken a social issue (2-3 this time), characters who endear you, pen down each emotions so vividly as if you are living the script, sometimes give you goose bums, sometimes you smack your head in frustration, sometimes you do the imaginary glad-dance,.... :D never letting you put the book down.

Sundari, you make us a puppet in your web of words.

I gifted myself the Book. Back to re-reading my fav portions of the book, DND !
The Story:
The story is set in scenic Madras, hence the name The Madras Affair.
Sangita is a beautiful, young, hard working young widow with a 5 year old son living with her parents. Her first short marriage was anything but blissful. Her parents are orthodox to the core in this 21st century. Sangita, has taken up a job as a hospital receptionist to support herself and her son. She despises all men except her son and brother. Gautam Sinclair, a heart throb you could say is Half American, a professor of English literature. He falls for Sangeeta at the first look. He pursues her relentlessly. Sangeeta cant understand her own heart, why it yearns for Gautam. She is fighting a loosing battle with her heart set for Gautam, her past, what she wants from her life, her orthodox family and her own inhibitions.

Will Gautam help solve Sangeeta's dilemma and free her from the shackles of her non-existent life?

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What I liked:
Delicious, innocent love story. Simple and straight.
Then Sundari lets in shots of thrills, makes you blush as if you are Sangeeta, go Red with anger at her parents in-sensitivities, want to thump Rithika, Raghu, Rekha on the back for supporting & whacking sense into Sangeeta, imaginary peck on cheek to Gautam for having the 'patience of a bull terrier' (quoting Sundari), hug Ganpathi & Vimala Gautam's grandparents, ruffle Sangeeta's son Sandeep's hair for his innocence, salute Mr. Alistair & Padmanabhushan, smack Sangeeta's brother Rakesh and strangle Giridhar Sangeeta's first husband.
You get the gist, right. Ya ya its all imaginary, that is how Sundari's writing makes you Visualize each scene after scene.
Glad the story showed Sangeeta after 20 years, a strong, successful woman, heading an NGO. I like female protagonists who are strong headed and spine.

The story script is tight, no wavering, waning and waxing here. It didnt dramatize the unhappy episodes and give them a dark shade. It flowed freely. Vote of thanks to the Editor here :)
The language is really good. I learnt a lot of new words and phrases (furiously noting them down).

What I want more:
Like all good books, I wanted the story to never end, even when it was all happy hunky dory. The characters feel so real life & relate-able. I have a lot of questions in my head to ask Sundari about the story. Guess I am going to have an Interview post for the first time on this blog. Sundari, Appointment please.

Buy the Book here, I am sure you will love it :)
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  1. Okay, finally on my computer reading your review for the third time and loving every word. Thank you so much Nilima Mohite - for loving my book AND buying it. Hugs

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