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Book Review: Crossed & Knotted, India's first Composite Novel

Good day People,

As we promised here is the review of the Composite Novel : Crossed & Knotted.
To know more, check the Spotlight: Crossed & Knotted, India's first Composite Novel
Its a novel with 14 chapters each written by a different author as a new story but linked by characters or plots.

It cant be put in one genre cause it contains Love, thriller, mystery, history,... It goes from marital troubles to war torn Afghanistan to the terrorist ridden Mumbai with its 26/11 to Pune, Lodhi Gardens in Delhi, Kolkatta  to London to Chennai,..

What I Liked:
Its a memory teaser, this novel. You are all alert when reading it. The plots keep spinning. The numerous characters, locations, situations. You have to think forward of what next might happen bearing in mind what has happened in the past chapters. You will be taken by surprise where each thread of the story might go next and end up. The book is beautifully edited, loved the quality of language. Each of the 14 authors are truly good in spinning stories picking up where the others left off.

What I want more:
The beginning chapters keep you engrossed as the stories become more & more complicated & thrilling. The middle of the novel starts feeling like you are watching a TV saas-bahu serial. It could have been removed or shortened. The ending seemed childish after all the suspense in the beginning. I am still trying to solve some of the mysteries I feel were left unsolved. Many loose ends I believe.

Overall, its a great book to read if you love mystery, thrillers, want to try a novel with mixed genres.
Go pick it up. Readomania has done a good job, bringing together so many authors and getting this novel made. Thanks to The Book Club to bring this book in the Book Tour.

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Let us know your views & comments on this book.

Till next book comes up Bye and Take care. Keep reading.


I agree with all the points in your review Nilima :)
Arvind Passey said…
Good to know that you're still trying to solve some of the mysteries... but then, like life, every mystery doesn't need a solution. Sometimes they need acceptance and sometimes the connection is like a chess move that becomes apparent only much later.
Nice to know that you liked the efforts of the fourteen authors.

Arvind Passey
Unknown said…
Thank you for the review.
Ayan Pal said…
Thanks for the wonderful review of the book! Glad to know you liked the book!
deepti menon said…
Thank you so much, Nilima, for your review of our book! God bless!