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Book Review: The Second Coming by Shubha Menon

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Like promised here is the Review of  Shubha Menon's first book: Second Coming.
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The Second Coming
Shubha Menon

I was giggling or grinning most of the time when reading the book. Mini, you are adorable!
To the traditional Indian mind, it can cause trauma but I am glad it didnt portray a morale-principle abiding tale.

The Story:
Mrinalini Mehta alias Mini, for her friends, is in her forties, married for eighteen years to Shyam alias Sicko Shyam, as she calls him. She is the creative head of Soul Mates a Delhi based wedding planning agency. Mini's first love is Books and second is chocolate, leading her to dream romantic fantasies which Sicko Shyam is incapable of completing along with weight gain and impending menopause. She wants to give a shot to True love by falling in love with her Dream Lover or DL before menopause hits her.
She hates travelling but is compelled to travel to the Mumbai office to help with a no-budget, great big, royal wedding. The Mumbai office's boss Rustom is a Greek god in looks, makes ladies swoon, a skirt chaser though he is married, a perfect DL for Mini.
Does she chase this DL or he chases her? Is he worth risking her marriage?
Grab the book to find out for yourself.

What I liked:
Realistic characters apart from Mini/Shyam/Rustom to Manhatta, Soul Mates owner to Shox to Polka to Mini's friends Aditi or Dhira or Neelu to the bride of the royal wedding.

Mini's brainwaves. I was floored when she came up with the wedding in a hot air balloon :) Like Rustom said ,"How do you do it, Mini? Are you sure you don't think up ideas at home at night and pretend to get brainwaves?" :)

Mini's resolve to improve herself physically and then getting herself independent. Not relying on men to take her life forward. Her thinking-on-your-toes.

See the narration is so natural, I am describing Mini as if she is real-life. The narration is totally realistic :) to the extent that Mini's sensuous experiences are worded in terms of dessert or food :D

Melted chocolate full of soft marshmallows and oodles of sinful cream 
Piping hot kaali daal topped with fresh, homemade, white butter. Luscious seekh kababs, textured on the outside, silken on the inside, melting in the mouth....

The comical scenes are hilarious. The charger one or the dropping contact lenses in her drink or Pritam Pal declaring her dress as nightie or the sleep walking hotel manager,....

What I wanted more:
Cutting short the repetition of Mini's thought process. Too much chatter in too many words and too many times. But it was a good long read throughout.

Shubha, you can also become a good food writer. Just a tip ;)

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  1. splendid review Nilima Mohite. You are truly getting better and better at this :D I agree with you on all points

  2. Agree with Sundari.. your reviews are changing nowadays. It looks like you have really enjoyed this book !! So so glad.

    1. [Bowing Down] Thank you Rubina, your energy at The Book Club is infectious :)

  3. This looks like an interesting read. I liked the way you reviewed it. :)