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Book Review: Only Wheat not White by Varsha Dixit

Hello people,
Did you check out the Blurb of this book on Spotlight: Only Wheat not White by Varsha Dixit ?
If the blurb sounds interesting, the story is lovely. I loved it :)

Only Wheat Not White 
Varsha Dixit 

The Story:
Eila Sood, an accountant by profession has taken up a consultant job in the USA for half the pay she deserves. The reason being, to mend the broken bond between her family and her sister who married an America named Steve. Sheela, the perfect child of the family, the genius did the 'unthinkable' according to her parents by marrying, as her mom puts it, out of caste and out of color. For several years, the families were waging a cold war.
Sheela now has 2 lovely kids, is a stay-at-home mom, attends prayer meetings, her life basically revolves around her kids. Now Steve and Sheela are thinking of seperating. Eila comes into the picture at the right time, I would say.
Then there is the blue-ogre according to Eila, I would call him TFH: Tall, Fair and Handsome restaurateur named Brett Wright who keeps bumping into Eila and turning her into a bag of nerves all the time.
Eila has landed in the USA at the time of recession which leads to her work hours getting cut and she barely managing her expenses along with supporting her sisters family. So she reluctantly takes up a job at a day-time strip club as accountant (control those, thought-horses!).
Again she is getting closer to the TFH or vice versa. Even if she wants, her mom a nutrition expert has bluntly told her-Only Wheat not White, as her life partner choice :p (what did you think? as her diet plan!)

How is she supposed to mend the relationship of her entire family with Sheela's family? Will Steve and Sheela separate? What about the mutual attraction between her & the TFH?

Lots going on this story. Pick up the book to dive into a juicy delicacy ;)

What I liked:
Oh, everything I can say :D

The cover is super delicious. The Blurb of the book made me want to pick up the book immediately.

As I said in the Spotlight, I am pally with Eila. She is like a bubbly, naughty, head-on-her shoulders kind of friend everyone needs in life :) I was hooting for her throughout the book. May it be her quick retorts to TFH,her motor-mouth, her culinary skills, not to mention her buzzing brain/mind, her organised and efficient way of working, her cupid-resorting services, confidence, ....

The characters are etched out lovely. May it be her elder sister Sheela who needs a tap on her head, someone to pump up her confidence, her parenting skills. Her kids are adorable.
Steve is the perfect brother-in-law or brother you would want. Glad he caught hold of Eila & explained his side of story. He is a man truly in love for showing so much patience to get his family and wife back together. Megan, is the typical naive friend who needs a guide. Mrs. Das, I wish I could learn cooking from her.
TFH, sorry Brett Wright, perfect physically. He starts to pull at your heart strings in the second half of the story.

The story keeps going at a steady pace. There are no repetitions or groaning in terms of Eila trying to understand her own heart or from Sheela's side due to her impending separation or parents brunt for going against their wishes.

The love between sisters is shown beautifully. I could relate to it, as we are 3 sisters too.
The life of Indians abroad is depicted realistically. I could understand how Sheela is trying to over-compensate for cutting off her roots and regrowing them.
Parents can be real pressure-inducers when it comes to marriage. This is shown perfectly.
Sheela's way of confronting issues, taking the bull by the horn :D. Go & talk to Brett ! I wanted to hug Steve for supporting Eila in this.
Brett's dare and completing the dare ;)

What I wanted more:
TFH or Brett, could have been more humane in my terms. Needed to flesh out more of this character.

The end ! I want closure for the story.
I wanted to see how Eila & Brett break her parents ideology of 'perfect marriage' or 'perfect life-partner'. The entire story is about rebounding between families, this was only talked about, nothing done concretely.

Its a lovely, speeding story if I may say so :)

Go on & Buy the Book

Bye. Take care. Drop in your comments about the book soon :)

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