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Book Review: Wrong Means Right End by Varsha Dixit

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My second review of Varsha Dixit's book. This one is about the lovely, hilarious, almost real love story and friendships between Best friends. This is a prequel to Right Fit, Wrong Shoe. But each of Varsha's books are standalone and very gripping. I urge you to read this Book, you will love it. Get to know the story: Spotlight: Wrong means Right End by Varsha Dixit Thank you The Book Club for hosting Varsha and her books.

I havent read RFWS but when I do, I would love to relate each character and their traits in both the books.

Warning: You will have a grin plastered on your face at all times when reading this book. You will have bouts of hysterical laughter and hoots, so be sure to get ugly looks from family and people around. Dont use the adjectives used for friends in real life, they may not understand and you may loose people :p

The Story:
This is the story of Sneha her best friend Nandini. They are like chaddi buddies or best friends forever like till death. Sneha is freshly divorced with a baby boy and his nanny Amla in tow, just relocated to Mumbai. Nandini in Mumbai is a newly married bride to billionaire businessman Aditya Sarin who loves millennium bhehenji like crazy but is still feels guilty for his ex-fiance Gayatri. Nandini's part time job is to find Mr.Right for Sneha. Then there is the brooding widowed Nikhil who was the victim of Sneha's prank many years ago and still both lock horns at the drop of hat. Still they feel something when they are thrown together. Gayatri is back in India, asking for forgiveness of Nandini and Aditya. Is that the real reason? Nikhil considers Gayatri his sister. Is he her aide in her mysterious mission? Spoiler alert: Sneha and Nikhil vow to get Nandini and Aditya together and put Gayatri in her place for her own good. Do they succeed ?

What I liked:
Everything. Characters. Plot. Language (yes, some people might object to the expletives, adjective's used, I feel its real-life like so I loved it.) Sethani, Kulta, Speed Monkey,....

The characters are flawed (except Advey) and you will love them for their flaws. There is the multilingual Amla, the snooty Gayatri, vamp Mona, the efficient Mrs.Ali, crazy Alisha, over confident Rad, courteous Dr.Pradeep etc

The bond, tension, attraction,... between them is described so well you will visualize everything clearly.

The plot, frank conversations, impulsive acts makes you relate to them and would love to have them in your real life.

I would love to have the crazy Nandini, Sneha duo as my friends, my friends don't get jealous, read the book and we will all party together :D

Varsha has subtly talked about marital rape and also the effects of a depression ridden spouse and marriage.

The focus was evenly distributed on both(or more) couples. So we had sensuous scenes for Sneha-Nikhil and Nandini-Aditya, what is a love story without them.

The research about Jewelry business, kayaking ;), how to shift unconscious people from hotels without anyone noticing :D, the Ad world,... I am telling you its a crazy book ;) Hail Mary ! Sorry Hail Varsha !

What I wanted more:
I am eagerly waiting for the next in the series of Right and Wrong from Varsha's desk. Haha, spoiler, thank me for it :D

So go read all the books of Varsha ASAP before the next one comes out ;)

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