Friday, June 24, 2016

Book Review: I don't wear Sunscreen by Kavipriya Moorthy

Good day People,
Kavipriya's debut novel I dont wear Sunscreen has been showcased on this blog Book Blitz: I don't wear Sunscreen by Kavipriya Moorthy.

The Blurb and the Title of the book caught my attention. So when the Author announced a Free Kindle Download, I got it immediately. Its hardly 100+ pages book. I read it in 2 night reading sessions.  Listen to the Song: Everybody's free to wear Sunscreen.

Laksha and Pallavi are BFF, like till death do us apart and know each other more than their birth parents. Laksha is from a middle class family but well-to-do. On the other hand Pallavi's family is struggling with debts and Pallavi has taken it upon herself to get the family out of this decade long crisis. So even though by nature they are poles apart they are like conjoined twins. Laksha decides to take up Interior designing in Mumbai. Pallavi settles for an engineering college in sleepy Coimbatore. Laksha enjoys life, studies and career. Pallavi, submerges herself in studies, tests, part time jobs, placements in the hope of landing a job in a Big IT company. Laksha lands a job through Sai who is starting to become more than a friend and she drifts away from Pallavi. Pallavi goes desperate as she doesnt land a job in the college placements.
For Laksha, a torturous train journey turns her into a neurotic. She loses herself, her job, cant trust her heart & love,...  Pallavi suddenly goes incognito from her life.
How does she revamp herself and her life?

What I liked:
The story has mystery, friendship, love, motivational theme,...
Characters and location description. Loved the way Laksha's mom's past and her current nature have been shown. Lots of layers there. Her Father, Sai, Pallavi,...
Good study of Interior designing concepts and also the scattering of Engineering terms.
The messages exchanged and the naughty banter between Sai & Laksha, or Pallavi and Laksha or Laksha and her mom.

What I wanted more:
If I had a red pen and a hard-copy of the book, Kavipriya, you would rewrite the book for grammatical errors and sentence formation :) ;)
The reason for treachery seemed a bit far fetched.
The climax just came crashing in. Still trying to figure out who did what and why. A couple of pages to explain that would have been beneficial to the reader.
The mention or reason for the Title of the book seemed forced. It could have been highlighted in the early chapters, just a suggestion.

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All the best Kavipriya for your Future works !

More books being showcased here. Till then Bye. Take care & Have a relaxing weekend.

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