Sunday, July 17, 2016

Guest Post: How did you research for the Sport: Boxing? to Nidhie Sharma

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Today we have debutant Author Nidhie Sharma answering our question for her Book: Dancing with Demons. The book is getting raving reviews. Get to know more about the story at: Book Blitz: Dancing with Demons by Nidhi Sharma

So the question to Nidhie Sharma is :
Q: Everyone is talking about the Sport: Boxing and how well you have portrayed it. How did you research for it?

A: I was brought up in an army background that exposes you to adventure and the outdoors very early on. Having studied in various army schools across India, I trained in karate, horse-riding and attended adventure camps. Camping, trekking, hiking along with all the unforgettable misadventures shaped my love for the outdoors.

I have a deep and old connection with the sport. As a teenager, I watched live boxing matches. They fascinated me no end. Two men beating the hell out of each other while spectators egged them on. I noticed that every time a boxer bled in the ring, the audience cheered even louder. Human reaction to violence only shows how deep and primal that instinct is and this totally fascinated me back then. I started to watch boxing championships on the internet. Soon I was following the sport like a fan and started going for the big fights to Madison square garden while I was studying filmmaking in New York. I met boxers and coaches out of curiosity and interest. I spent time inside boxing gyms and also started to train and spar at a local club in NYC.

Personally, I love the raw athleticism in this sport and the fact that it is a skillful craft, needing strategy and forethought. Also, when the boxers fight, it is almost like a dance in the ring, lyrical and rhythmic, and that has drawn me to it visually as well. Given my exposure and interests, I think the stage to write Dancing with Demons, was set long ago.

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