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Book Review: The Smitten Husband by Sundari Venkatraman

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Sundari Venkatraman, our Indian Mills & Boon Queen has brought out Marriages Made in India series. It has 5 novellas.
The Smitten Husband is Book #1 in this series. The pleasant surprise is, the novellas are based on previous characters.

The Smitten Husband by Sundari Venkatraman
The Smitten Husband by Sundari Venkatraman

Book #1 The Smitten Husband is based on the elder son Ram Maheshwari and his wedding to Sapna. We were introduced to the Maheshwari family in The Runaway Bridegroom.
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The Story:
The Maheshwari's are relaxed now that their daughter Chanda has got back her Runaway Bridegroom Ranveer and happily married since 1 year. They are a close, down-to-earth, wealthy family settled in Jaipur. Now they are looking for a bride for 29 yr old Ram, their eldest son. Ram is obedient, handsome, wealthy by his own hard work and owns the biggest jewelry store in Jaipur which he himself built, caring, loving, responsible  person. The parents work is made easier when astrologer they have immense faith in, suggests the alliance of Sapna. Sapna and her family are very poor. Sapna has completed school and helps the family's income by taking up mehendi orders which she is very good at. She is 25yrs old, a dreamer but a confident, grounded, hardworking, feisty girl. She knows her family's condition, the pressure on her parents to get her married, how they cant afford to give dowry, her 2younger brother's schooling,... So she dreams and waits for her Prince charming to come and swoop her away.
Ram and his family come to see Sapna. Ram is drawn to Sapna with one look in her grey eyes and the mehendi on her hands calls to him. He never knew love can happen at first sight. He is besotted to say the least. He explains his desire to marry her in the 2nd meeting. His family relieve Sapna's parents of their burden by declining any dowry and taking up all expenses of entire wedding.
Sapna cant see her Prince in Ram and she cant deny her parents. She is mentally forced into the marriage, you can say. After the wedding, she sets out her terms of marriage to Ram. The ever cool Ram, is in a boiling rage now. Sapna, thinks Ram doesnt care for her. Ram, is trying to understand Sapna's stance and what he did wrong. Both are portraying the happy couple picture to the families.
But how long will this drama continue? Will Sapna loose herself and her identity after marriage? Will Ram ever be able to show his Love to her before he turns bitter ?

What I liked:
The shortness and crispness of the novella. I have read novels and short stories by Sundari. This Novella is also perfect in size and plot. Yes, I can be greedy for more, but after reading it 2 times I think I like this size too :) The story flow is steady. Language is simple and good.

Even in this quick short novel Sundari has managed to describe 2-3locations vividly: Pushkar, Madurai, KodaiKanal.

The characters are main essence of Sundari's book. In this one too, there are so many of them. Each endearing, funny, real-life like, relatable. I liked the way Chanda, Ranveer's story and characters is given importance without overshadowing the main story. Also how both the parents and their opinions are weaved in without sounding preachy. Ram's character starts getting depth with each passing chapter. My better-half is his twin I think ;). Yes, but I still feel Ram is Dumb like all men. Read our post with Sundari:
GuestPost: Why are men so dumb? to Sundari Venkatraman
I liked Sapna. First time I read the book, I wanted to knock her and tell her, Wake up, there is no Prince charming coming. I read the book patiently again, then I agreed to her stance and her terms of marriage. But, yes like Sundari said in the Guest Post, she never explained when asked multiple times. Guess Women never think that they can say No and they have a choice.

If you hunted for a social message in this book, thinking its Sundari's style, you will be mistaken. This entire series is for Pure Fun ;) Go read the hot scenes and you will agree with me, Sundari can be very naughty. But still you can pick up 1-2 social message in this book too. Comment below and we will discuss more ;)

I liked the way Sapna also takes up the opportunity to update herself instead of moping around. Also how effortlessly and without ego the Maheshwari's took up each issue thus strengthening each relationship. This is what makes a happy and progressive family.

What I wanted more:
Now, I am dying to go to Book #2,3,4,5. Wish me luck! Also I will help you by leading you to the Buying links:
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Wishing Sundari luck with the entire series and tons of her books to come.
Thank you The Book Club for bringing us such a lovely collection of books always.

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  1. Lovely review, very crisp and to the point. I never knew we had an Indian Mills n Boons series too - Your review has made me want to pick up this book.

    1. I call her the Indian Mills & Boon Queen, Shalini. You should pick up this book and all her other books. All the best and post your reviews on Amazon and Goodreads when you are read them.

  2. "First time I read the book, I wanted to knock her and tell her, Wake up, there is no Prince charming coming." Same here. But then I realised almost all of us have this hidden desire deep down for our Prince Charming and even now at 52, I still keep searching! :P

    1. Haha Sunita, you are young at heart. We are mature, practical teenagers ;) Prince Charming better hunt us dont-give-a-damn Princesses, coz we are not easy to be tied down :D
      Thank you for the comment !

  3. Thanks for the review. The book seems to be more interesting.

    1. It is Vasantha ! Go read this one and all of Sundari's books. You will dream with your eyes wide open and really know how to distinguish Prince Charming from Men :) All the best !

  4. Hi Nilima,
    I must say that your reviewing skills are getting better and better with each book. Kudos! and thank you for the awesome review. Of course, I am not surprised that you liked my book since you are the one who's awarded me the title of "Indian Mills & Boon Queen" :D <3 Thank you so much

    1. :) Thank you Sundari :) I want to read each of your books. So you better aim for a century ;)

  5. Replies
    1. Haha... You can say that about her writing. Thats Sundari's magic ;)

    2. You said it Debraj. Yeah, I am proud to agree that Nilima is smitten with my books :D She's the one who gave me the title "Indian Mills & Boon Queen" AND she wants me to write at least a 100 books.
      I say "AMEN"

  6. Replies
    1. I was smitten firstly with Mr.Malhotra. The rest are side kicks for me ;)

    2. I am enjoying this conversation... ;)
      Nilima, you can meet Mr. Malhotra once again... in Her Secret Husband. What say?

    3. Really (starry eyed now)? Yippeee ! Gearing up for HDW & HSH. Wish me luck.