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Book Review: Her Secret Husband by Sundari Venkatraman

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This is her 3rd book in the Marriages Made in India series out of 5.
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 Book: Her Secret Husband by Sundari Venkatraman

I might be repeating myself when writing this review. But thats what happens when you read a good book by your favourite Author.

Lakshman Maheshwari is the 2nd child of the Maheshwari's. He is a self-made man thanks to his modern yet grounded parents. He is lost when he sees Ruma Malhotra for the first time when trying to find his sister's Chanda's groom and visit RS Software. Ruma is working as a receptionist at RS Software much against her parents wish or her need to work at all. Her parents are desperate to get her married in a well-off family of their status in the society. But Ruma hates the guy choosen for her by her parents.
She too is attracted to Lakshman when she first saw him. Though its hard to resist a handsome hunk like Lakshman. When he pursues her, she readily accepts and both fall in love instantly. Lakshman wants to marry her with both parents permission but Ruma makes him understand its impossible with her parents never agreeing. Lakshman doesnt want to go to the next level until they marry though he is lossing his control with Ruma being one fiesty, seductive lady.
How can they legally become a couple? Who will aide them in this secrecy? How can you stop Ruma parents when they are desperate to get their daughter married?

What I liked:
The Chemistry is crackling. Both dont show any qualms in expressing their physical attraction too to each other. Thank god, no drama there ;) Sundari, knows how to get this part perfect without making it vulgar.

I loved the characters. Again I am repeating :| But both Lakshman and Ruma remind you of your younger self who set their hearts on a goal, will go for it without finding any ifs & buts.

I first thought Ruma to be a naive girl but as the story progressed she proved her mettle to be a Maheshwari or part of the Malhotra clan ;)
Lakshman too proved to be a man in love & on a mission. The small details of how he setup his business, the processes, things he does to contribute to society, his goals,... make him the perfect Chocolate boy ;)

The other characters are adorable too.
Chanda or her Ranveer from The Runaway Bridegroom are perfect.
Also loved the guest appearance of my favourite couple: Sunita and Akshay in The Malhotra Bride. Hats off to Akshay and his background checks, reminded me of his fight against his blackmailers. Glad for Sunita.
But the star performance in this story is by Ruma's grandmothers. Reminded me of both my granny's. Smart lady with years of experience, knack of judging a person. She was a darling and daring granny too :)

The language, flow of story and descriptions are perfect. Never a dull moment ;).

The baking setup and description made me go baking again. Made an Apple Cinnamon cake after ages. Want to go for Fondant cake making classes now. Reading all about it.

What I wanted more:
Cursing myself for my speed of reading the other books on my list. Sundari, is churning out her next book series and I am still at Book 3 of Series 1. Gearing up !

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See you in the next book post. Too many coming up, Be Warned !

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