Friday, April 19, 2019

Book Review: Until The Swallows Come Home by Arvind Iyer

Good day Book lovers,
Today I am introducing you to a new author Arvind Iyer whose latest book: Until The Swallows Come Home had me engrossed for 3 days. This is a Crime, Thriller & Mystery novel. The plot is so engrossing, it would have been completed in one day if I had my way. Being a parent, this book had my heart racing all the time.
This is Author Arvind Iyer's 3rd book. I loved the book totally and would recommend it to all book lovers.

 Book: Until The Swallows Come Home

Ruhaan Syed, founder and chief Architect of his firm Zeenat Constructions was a happy married man. He was grateful to Allah for a complete family with his beautiful wife Ayesha, their seven year old son Ayaan and six year old Riya.
They were on a family vacation to Pondicherry after a long time. The first evening itself had turned into a nightmare for them when both their kids went missing in front of their eyes on the beach.

The search was turning murkier as along with police, the political party of JSD and the Cheenai headquarters of NGO: Save The Children got involved. DSP Siva wanted to find the children at any cost. The head of JSD party Sesh didnt want this case of missing children tarnish their chance in the upcoming elections. Gayathri heading the NGO wanted to help since children were involved.

Why were Ruhaan's kids taken? Who had taken them? Was this a kidnapping? Why was there no ransom call?
 Will the Swallows of Ruhaan come to nest back?

Definitely Buy the book: to see if its a Happily ever after.

What I liked:
Raw emotions, thriller movie like plot and narration.

The plot is engrossing from Page 1. Even if you are forced to keep the book down, you are constantly thinking about it.

When you read, the pace of story unfolding is slow. When you keep the book down and imagine each scene it looks like a fast paced Thriller movie. Complete with black shades and mysterious hues.

The emotions portrayed are raw. Emotions of parental love, anxiety, lust, grief, greed, fear, power, desire, etc are all raw. You can feel each of them and relate to each character. The anger and sweat of DSP Siva, the power rush in Sesh's brain, the calm but pulled in many directions emotions of Gayathri, the heart wrenching ache in Ruhaan's chest longing to hold his kids again, the helplessness of Pasha or Ex CBI Pradhan .... all these emotions were pulsating through the pages.

It is perfect for a thriller movie. I will always remember it as a movie I saw in my mind. I shudder when I think of parents or those kids who in real life went missing. I am paranoid for my kids now.

The cover of the book portrays all this perfectly. The language is good. Flow of story smooth and slow. The characters are too many and you have to remember each one of them in the story. But each has a role to play and you realize how they were needed for the story.

Hats off to the research done about each tiny detail in the story. Details like the model of vehicles used or the guns or the places described or the operation of teams in the police or NGO or political parties. Also each of these details were woven in a realistic way. The story travels to multiple locations like Pondicherry, Kochi, Chennai, Mumbai and many more places.

The story with its numerous characters is like a colorful tapestry. When you observe the full image from far, you realize it forms an actual picture with each part adding to it.

What I wanted:
I hope this story is made into a movie soon. I was actually trying to cast the characters to existing heroes and heroines of today. If you do the same, let me know :)

Author Arvind Iyer needs to write books fast now. His story writing is wonderful and I as a book reader would love to read many more books by him.

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Thank you in advance.

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  1. Loved your review, Nilima. Makes me really want to pick up this book. Will definitely check it out.

    1. Thank you Sundari. Please pick it up. Really a good book.