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Book Review: Equinox by Madhuri Maitri

Good day people !
I volunteered to review Equinox on a whim with The Book Club. Read the Story details on Spotlight: Equinox by Madhuri Maitra. It is about different people writing fictional short stories for a competition. I thought it will be like the Composite Novel: Crossed & Knotted. It was pleasantly 'unputdownable'.
Once I received the copy, I went and googled the meaning of the name Equinox. It means the day when daytime & nighttime are of equal duration.

The story:
Indus publication house is floundering, it needs a shot in the arm. Ramona is their new cure. She plans an Indian fiction short story competition: Equinox all over India with 2 lakh as the prize money. They want to give a chance to bring in new talent, new opportunities for newbies. Its marketed on all media possible. The story weaves life stories of the participants, their reason for aiming to win the competition, their struggles,... and a glimpse of 10 short stories in 1 book. Tempting na? Go buy it & read it.

What I liked:
The book gives you a view about the workings of a publication house. The difference between traditional and self-publication/e-publication. The language is good and simple. 10 people and their life make for an interesting read.  The characters are a mix, from published authors, retired army personnel, divorcee, married,wealthy & depressed woman, student with dreams of owning a publication house some day...

What I want more:
I wanted to know what happened to Indus publication after the competition ended. Ramona is shown as the dominating, organised, workaholic women. It would have been lovely if she also contributed a story. Loved the love letter series as short story by Monica Kapoor, it brought a warm, fuzzy feeling old romantic novels bring :) Sigh, if only love letters were the norm of communication still ;)

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Till the next book come along, take care & keep reading.