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Book Review: An Autograph for Anjali by Sundari Venkatraman

Greetings people,
An Autograph for Anjali, you will have no idea how this romantic, thriller, full of suspense and love story unfolds. I whooped with joy (silently coz it was 1 am) when I got to know how Autograph figures in the Title and what P B stand for.
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 Book: An Autograph for Anjali by Sundari Venkatraman

The Story:
Anjali Mathur, a multi millionaire's wife lives the royal life and is everyone's envy. In reality, she wants to break free from this golden cage. What keeps her going is her son Arjun and what the society will think. Her husband Jayant is a businessman to the core and as conservative as males can be. He is found murdered in cold blood in his own bedroom. Anjali seems upset but for some other reason. Parth Bhardwaj an Author, seems too friendly with Anjali and on good terms with Arjun as relatives observe. What could be the motive of the murder? What is Anjali & Parth's relationship? The Police have their doubts. Will the private detective solve the case?

What I liked:
The Maturity. Everything from the story line to characters to incidents had maturity. They story was not given the shade on infidelity. Platonic mostly. I am trying to avoid giving out spoilers, so bear with me.

It detailed how a wealthy wife's life can become cloying and colorless. Wealth cant make you humane. I wont term it as a social cause centric story.

Loved the characters. Anjali, nowadays I keep comparing all beautiful married women I see to Anjali. Trying to see if I can glimpse a sadness or dullness which they try to conceal. Im going Paranoid now, Sundari thanks to you :)

Arjun, can be the golden boy every mother would want, I liked his remark to Seema in the end about he not being like his father. Gave him the touch of reality and not make him too perfect.

Parth, what to say. Just Drool ;) A guy who reads, writes, listens, cooks, loves travelling, has traveled the world, is a self-made man, Greek god looks,...... what do you need more...also good in bed. Killer combination !

Jayant, though I hate this guy, reminds me of the dad in Tare zameen Pe. Sundari, you have fleshed him out perfectly.

The chapters though 90 are perfectly spaced out. The story flows in a steady rhythm.

The sensuous scenes are very vivid. Damn, my imagination :|

What I wanted more:
My peeve was Seema. How can a career oriented woman fall so low. OK, shutting up right now.
Jayant to show some humane side at least at the end.
Yes Sundari, you promised another book dedicated to Arjun. Cant wait for it :)

Whooho. High five to those who read the book and know the reason for the Title (evil grin) :D
Helping others who haven't.

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I am glad I read the book, better late than never.
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Hugs!! your review was worth the wait :D <3
Nilima Mohite said…
Thank you Sundari :) Loved every page ;)