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Book Review: That Same Old Love by MV Kasi

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Yes, I am now writing the Review for MV Kasi's book which you read about on: Book Blitz: That same old Love by MV Kasi  after the Guest post: You say you are a Bold Heroine romance addict.How do create your characters? to MV Kasi

It is one yummy, mature, scintillating, humorous, good on Feels department type of book. Read on to know more of what I mean ;)

Mahi is back in Hyderabad after 14 years, lock-stock-barrel to start a life all over again. Rumour has it that she is divorced and had an affair with a younger man in age. This is isn't surprising as Mahi has always had the reputation of a Bad Girl especially for her neighbor Samrat and his sister Ananya. Mahi made Ananya's life hell in college and had cost Samrat his degree and scholarship for further studies abroad. Now she is back and Samrat the multimillionaire swears to keep her out of his and his happily married sister Ananya's life with a 13yr old daughter. More so now as Ananya is married to Mahi's ex-boyfriend from college Sidhu who was deep in love with Mahi and whom Mahi dumped unceremoniously when she got married to the guy of her parents choosing.
This is easier said than done, as the physical chemistry fires up every time Mahi and Samrat lock horns, which is frequently. What is the agenda for Mahi to return now after 14years? Why did she choose her hometown Hyderabad to return and does she mean it when she repeatedly apologizes to Samrat and Ananya? How does the no-strings-attached wild fling turn from physical attraction to one of them demanding more?

What I liked:
Everything :) Let me explain. Its not just a story full of steamy, adrenaline rush sex scenes or how a bad girl does mean things and the good nerd guy knocks some sense into her. These scenes too have their part in portraying the characters and their patterns. Read more about it Guest post: You say you are a Bold Heroine romance addict.How do create your characters? to MV Kasi

The Characters are deep and multi layered and so well described I loved each of them even with their flaws. Each of them has a chunky part.

The story moves from present to flashback smoothly. In the present scenes too there is no mystery about the past but when the flashback happens, it makes the entire episode more clear.

The story is pretty long and steady paced. Each part has its perfect length. The font is small, if it had been bigger it would have doubled from 300 pages very easily. But its not easy to put it down too.

The book addresses concepts in a balanced way and there are many. The best I liked was about, what Feminism is. The 2 group of friends and their way of interpreting the term Feminism is so simple and knocks the nail home perfectly. Hats off Manya, on this :)

Other topics like Depression, adultery, teenage mental health, parent-child relationships, domestic abuse, Self-love, keeping others and their happiness before your own self, people-pleasing, jealousy, child-loss, spouse compatibility,.....etc too many right. Now you know how Huge the book is :D

The friends and the roles they can play to make or break your life. Mahi and her gang was ultimate, I was ROFL when their part came ;) Search for Ashwini :D

The stark difference in types of parents and their role is highlighted subtly. Be it Samrat or Sidhu's parents and on the other side Mahi or her ex-husband's parents.

The maturing with age phrase is shown very well in this story. Not just for Mahi but her ex-boyfriend Sindhu or his teenage daughter Shrishti or her own ex-MIL,...

I love strong woman protagonists. In this story all women are very strong. Hats off to them and their better halves who are pretty supportive.

The steamy scenes are pretty bold and shouldn't be missed ;) Just a tip :D

What I wanted more:
The book could have been split into 2 books, its that huge. Or Manya are you planning a sequel to it? Let us know soon ;) I would love to read more of your work.

The tragic bits are in some places hurried and some places go on for very long. For example, the argument where they try to stay away from each other I thought was a little stretched and also her reason to avoid taking the relationship further.

We got the privilege to ask Manya Kasi to tell us more about how she creates her characters. Read the Guest post: You say you are a Bold Heroine romance addict.How do create your characters? to MV Kasi

A must-read book for Romance lovers and who love a good, balanced story.
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