Thursday, November 24, 2016

Book Review: With You I Dance by Aarti V Raman

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A pending review in the middle of #TornadoGiveaway 3 by The Book Club.
So lets get to know the 2nd book we read by Aarti V Raman Book Blitz: With You I Dance by Aarti V Raman
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With You I Dance by Aarti V Raman

Meera Sagar, an Indian ballerina has struggled, worked hard, fought her parents and peers to be a Ballerina, her obsession since she was three.. The day when the Spotlight is on her, she freezes and pukes everything out. There she has flung out her chance to ever dance Ballet. She flees to her home, India after 10years. She is a wreak but doesnt confide in anyone about whats wrong in her life. Not even to the man she loves, Abeer Goswami. Her well-meaning Gujju parents start the process to get their head-strong daughter married-off. She cant convince them nor ignore them. She is dependent on them. The only thing she knows in life is Ballet and she cant dance ever again.
Support comes from unknown sources they say. Her support is her kid brother Bullet. She decides to start a Ballet school in Mumbai. She seeks out her school friend Zoya. She also bumps into Abber, the same Abeer who is mad at her coz she dumped him & ran home when he proposed to her. But again Abeer & Zoya chip into help Meera out in starting her Ballet school.
But like Abeer says Meera is a train wreck and she keeps wrecking her chances and relationships with those close to her.
Meera is going to loose herself, her dreams, her dance, love of her life, chance to make her parents proud.... Does she let go so easily? Does she Dance again?

What I liked:
The research about Ballet. This dance form is not familiar with Indian audience still. But I was pleasantly suprised as I have been referring Ballet classes to parents with daughters in my area and Aarti has her story revolving around Ballet. The description, efforts, grace, poise, practicing for hours,.... is very relatable. I have practiced Bharatnatyam for eight years and these descriptions reminded me clearly of those years. :)

The characters and their evolution. In the first 5 chapters, I was ready to push Meera off a cliff (in my head ;)) so that she plucks some self-respect, courage, spine and do something with her life instead of berating herself all the time. Zoya, would have got a lecture for jumping to conclusions fast and repeatedly. Abeer, for letting go so easily. Bullet, you were the level-headed grown up here, God bless you :)
But each of these characters evolved as the chapters passed, even Meera's parents.
Meera is willful, weird, head-strong, with a lot of pluck, disciplined and can move mountains when she sets her heart on something. Abeer is the strong pillar, calm, caring, with masks, funny, passionate,...

The language is good. No errors. But I found the pace a little slow or I wanted action and Meera to string her life back faster :)
The flow is like the waves of self-doubt, misery, confusion in Meera's head. It went twirling repeatedly. But thats how Meera is coming to terms with her life. Confronting her life, her choices, her options...maturing.

The choice of songs. The way Meera choreographs the dances. Its very easy to see it play in your head.

What I wanted more:
Like I mentioned, faster pace.
The attraction between Abeer and Meera was crackling. But when they just let the moment(s) pass, was exasperating to me :)

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  1. Another thumbs up for your reviewing style. Good one Nilima. I loved the book :D