Thursday, December 8, 2016

Book Review: His Drunken Wife by Sundari Venkatraman

Good day Ppl !
I have finished yet another book by my Favourite Author friend Sundari Venkatraman. This one is His Drunken Wife, 2nd book from the Marriages made in India Hot Romance Novella series. Its totally different and hotter than any of the books I have read by her ;)
Dont believe it? Read the Blurb at: Spotlight: His Drunken Wife by Sundari Venkatraman The Cover will only make your eyes bulge out :D

Shikha is the glorified secretary at RS Softwares. Her goal in life is to get married to a very rich guy and live life to the fullest, for which she is ready to go any limits. The CEO of RS Softwares is out of reach and to her chargain the nerdy, plain guy Vice President Abhimanyu is chasing her. But the tables turn when she finds Abhi is indeed a rich guy, great in bed, looks handsome too and the cherry on the cake he likes her for who she is. How can Abhi like Shikha who can give vamps competition, has a filthy mouth and is almost a drunkard? Shikha cant fathom what makes Abhi tick and is it for real when he proposes marriage? Married they do get but how can a man life an entire life while his wife is Drunken to start from their marriage day? Nerves of steel or tons of patience or just blind love, what does bind them together? To find out, get your Kindle copy soon.

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What I liked:
Characters. Like I have said before too, characters and emotions are Sundari's strong points. Shikha is nothing like her usual educated, docile, smart women protagonist. But Shikha's character will make you feel disgusted and want to shake Abhi up for even thinking of marrying her. That is the beauty how Sundari weaves her character making them come alive and show their true self as the story progresses.
The locations are beautifully described. I liked the description of Firangipani health resort, would want to visit it. Sundari, does it really exist?
The treatment was shown progressively. There was no magical unbelievable instant transformation shown.
I loved that part where Abhi gives her a task list and Shikha gamely finishes it in half a day. So I was surprised that she does have a caliber and experience even in her career of 15years.
If you found The Smitten Husband hot, this is more Bold. Even the Epilogue isnt boring ;)
The Cover is eye-popping ;)

What I wanted more:
I would have wanted for Shikha's parents to reunite but that would make it into a huge Novel instead of a short, crisp Novella which it is.

Check out all the books by Sundari Venkatraman. I am sure you will end up buying more than 1 ;)

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  1. Hi Nilima,
    You made my day as I am sitting here reading your review for the second time. I am glad you enjoyed reading His Drunken Wife. Hugs <3
    The Frangipani is totally from my imagination. Yeah, a number of health resorts offering similar facilities exist around the world, even in Thailand.
    Warning: It gets hotter with each book in the #MarriagesMadeinIndia series.

    1. Thank you Sundari :) Haha I dont mind reading more of such stuff... proves why I gave you the title: Indian Mills & Boon Queen ;)

  2. I enjoyed it too.Really loved the way the characters developed!