Friday, December 23, 2016

Book Review: Mary's Song by Susan Count

Greetings Book Lovers,
If you also love books about Horses, riding,... like me you are in for a treat when you pick Susan Count's Mary's Song.
Its our 2nd Book Tour with BeachBoundBooks and 1st book we are Reviewing for them and also of Susan Count. Glad we signed up :)
Know more about the book: Spotlight: Mary's Song by Susan Count

Mary is a gutsy 12year old girl whose legs wont support her after a virus hit her and her mother. Her mother didnt make it but she made sure Mary lived as her father needed a reason to life. So now Mary is all he has got and he is hell-bent on getting her cured and make her walk again after 8years.
Mary's only obsession and dream is Horses and to be able to ride and train them. Their neighbor has a horse farm owned by family whose daughter Laura is Mary's age. Mary has her heart set on a foal named Illusion. But sadly she comes to know Illusion has some defect in his leg and will be put down soon. Gutsy Mary ropes in Laura's help to save Illusion. They try to raise money for a surgery which may or may not work against the wishes and orders from their parents. Will Illusion be Mary's horse? Can Mary walk if not ride after all the treatments.?

What I liked :
Simple language and consistent flow of the plot.
The book is 100+ pages but packs a lot of things in it. Love, death, healing after a loved one passes away, gratitude, hope, perseverance, humor,...
All the characters are well developed Not just Mary or Laura but also Mrs.Tate or Mr. Todd,..
The banter among the girls is refreshing not at all childish or girly. In fact its matured.

The topics of death, heaven, pain,... are simply explained. I think thats why the book is marked in Category: Difficult topics. It can be read by older kids or younger kids with adults explaining further.
The horse or riding techniques/terminology was not overpowering infact adding to our knowledge.
It was a good change to read a book which didnt indulge adult topics that scar you or leave you feeling depressed.
I am eager to read the next book in the series and them to my Read-horse books list.

What I wanted more:
Nothing. It is a beautiful book. Congrats & All the best to Susan Count for more books.

Do buy a copy & enjoy it.

Bye. Take care.

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