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GuestPost: Why did Payal have marks on her if Chunni was tormenting her? to Rubina Ramesh

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I had a niggling doubt in the First chapter itself which was still wriggling in my mind after days, so I asked Rubina as a GuestPost question. Warning: The question and answer may be sort of Spoiler. So be warned before proceeding ahead ;)

Q: I have a doubt from 'A secret in their Closet' why did Payal have marks on her if Chunni was tormenting her? What does that mean? Who was the child abuser here?
A: Dear Nilima,
Thanks for this lovely question. Yes, it has spoiler alert but I don't mind. :)
The genre of horror has always fascinated me. Those small hints scattered all over the plot, leading a reader or a viewer, as the case might be, with subtlety, to unravel the big aha moment of chills and shivers. I wondered often if I would be able to do justice to the plot while penning a story with lots of twists and turns as this one was. When I started writing A Secret in their Closet, the first task was to create events which would make a reader wonder where it was leading to. Even for a panster, like me, these events had to be carefully planned.
Now Payal is actually the main character who is what we call the medium between the past and the present. The anchor on which both the past and the present latches on.
Now Payal was always having a dream. Her dream is described as,

 'It would be enough to start the flow of life within her. But these cruel hands were holding her down, smothering her. She tried to kick, bite, and scratch but they were very strong. She thought of going limp so that her muscles shrank; this might help her in releasing herself from the bondage."

The way Chunni dies later in the story and where her resting place is, they both justify the two facts about Payal having marks on her hand, which she gets when she feels the pain of Chunni trying to claw her way out of her grave. The same way it justifies the mud stains on her clothes.

There is no child abuser here, at least not in Payal's life. Till Anjali... ah well for that you have to read my book Knitted Tales. Thanks, Nilima, I loved the question.

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All the best to Rubina for more books and ventures in Life :)

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  1. Dear Nilima,

    I am so glad you asked me this question. This was one of my favourite stories from the lot and I love it even more that many have told me that they could not sleep / or thought more about it when they closed a book - what more can a new writer want <3 Thanks for making my debut book so special.

    1. My pleasure Rubina. It sure is a riveting story. Keep writing. Would love to get struck by your words again & again :)