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Book Review: The Evil Twin by PG Van

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Attention ! Keep a glass of water beside you when reading this review or book on my recommendation ;) Like I said in Spotlight: The Evil Twin by PG Van Its a HOT Romance ;)
We reviewed Destiny Decides. Check the review Book Review: Destiny Decides by PG Van

Vinnie aka Vinitha Raj is hardly 23yrs old but has tough exterior and maturity of an older person. She works 2jobs and is collecting money to support her cousin Meg and aunt with whom she is staying. She is many times mistaken by strangers for some one else. Her friends are sure she has a doppelganger or twin. She meets or saves Reyan in an accident. The moment Reyan sees her face he is hooked and makes sure not to loose her track. He is pursuing Vinnie and is clear its not a one-night-stand or just a passing infatuation. Vinnie, keeps pushing him away and states clearly she has a lot of baggage and is not interested. Reyan Bhatia too on the other hand doesnt disclose much about himself but keeps surprising her. Vinnie bonds well with his friends Annie and Neel but keeps Reyan at length. Though when they do come close its one hell of a fireworks show. They agree they need each other but Vinnie is hesitant to call it forever.
Will Vinnie & Reyan have a happily-ever-after? Does she let go off her baggage & past? Who is her doppelganger?

What I liked:
Long book but good story. From PG Van's Destiny Decides, this book has more plot, sequence, characters and not to forget her forte: Hot sexy scenes. So the water beside you, if you are not into sensuous scenes after every 10pages :D

The characters are very detailed. I loved Vinnie, Meg, Annie, Preethi, Neel and to some extent Reyan.I wish I had a soul sister like Annie.

The plot keeps unraveling layers as it proceeds. So there is a surprise/twist and the reason for it as you go.

I loved the way the Author describes the drinks Vinnie makes and its reason why the person needs it. Didnt have an idea there are so many names to drinks. Good research into bar-tending along with Bikes and cars. Also the story imbibes life of an immigrant or Indians living abroad and making ends meet.

Loved that Vinnie also has a hobby and when she meets Reyan she again starts pursuing it. Also how Vinnie evolves from strength to strength when she meets people who care for her and support her.

The Hot scenes are scorching. If Destiny Decides went upper level, The Evil Twin goes waist below ;) Go Buy and read the book for yourself instead of letting your imagination fly.

 The humor in the scenes added to it being a fun read. Loved the banter between Annie and Vinnie or even Meg. Loved the scene when Vinnie is ready to do anything for Reyan when he saves Meg. I went ROFL for the options she gave ;) Also the pillow or dirty talk between Vinnie and Reyan was intellectual :D

What I wanted more:
A lil shorter version of the book. It was elaborate but I would have liked it a lil shorter or crispier.

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