Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Book Review: 1857 Dust of Ages, A forgotten Tale by Vandana Shanker

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Welcome to the Book Tour of 1857 Dust of Ages by Vandana Shanker hosted by The Book Club. This book is Book 1: A Forgotten Tale of a 4 book series. It combines History & Romance in equal proportions. Read about the book: Book Blitz: 1857 Dust of Ages by Vandana Shanker

Shiv Sahai is a Historian whose parents are based in Singapore but he prefers to live with his Grandmother, shuttling between Delhi & Navgarh. The haveli they stay in has been his favourite childhood haunt with its mysteries, passageways, corridors,... In searching for the ownership papers Shiv finds a few letters and photo which stir his interest. He starts to dig deep in historical archives and people from the by gone era to know more about the scandal or about the whispers that the Princess of Navgarh married a British soldier to save Navgarh. He is interested in knowing the whys and hows of this mystery which no one talks about.
What will he discover? How does he go about unraveling this mystery?

What I liked:
History & Romance. The combination piques ones interest. It is woven beautifully in this book.

One gets a brief glimpse of how the British slowly turn from traders to invaders. Their arrogance,
I loved the cover of the Book. Mysterious showcasing a bygone era.
The language is simple and flow smooth. Gives you sepia toned look to the images you conjure in your mind when reading.

The research is deep and interwoven with story deftly.

The characters are well fleshed out. The stubborn princess is shown clearly who doesnt know much of the outside world but is possessive of her own kingdom. Her ventures, bravery, skills,... make you want to nod in approval at her. The Queen is shown with all her misgivings and insecurity, ready to take matters into her own hands. The King is shown as man tired of being optimistic, with conflicting thoughts, burdened by responsibility.

What I wanted more:
More of the story. I understand its a series but a little more action would have been good :) It looks like an introduction of characters right now. It has now got me interested in knowing more in the coming books.

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