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Book Review: Finding the Angel by Rubina Ramesh

Good day everyone !!!
I finished reading Finding the Angel by Rubina Ramesh. The book cover is awesome, the story line is  palpable, book cant be put down (be warned) and so I join the crowd of reviewers gushing over it ;)

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Finding the Angel by Rubina Ramesh

Shefali Verma an art curator is assigned the project to catalog the Ranuat dynasties artifacts dating from 17th century. She is sent off on the assignment with a warning not to get close to the heart-breaker Prince Aryan by her Kalpana aunty who is her employer and mother figure after losing her parents when she was 12.
Shefali loves all things historical and dreams of the royal eras. Its no wonder she is captivated by the Ranaut empire and in turn slowly falling for Prince Aryan. Prince Aryan too against his years of ingrained discipline of not getting attached to any woman is surprised at the way his heart yearns for Shefali.
Both share a compatible love for arts and artifacts. But this soon turns their worlds upside when one of the costliest artifact The Angel goes missing and all clues lead to Shefali. Shefali cant defend herself enough. Aryan is torn between his love and break of trust by Shefali.
Who stole The Angel? Will the disappearance of The Angel be the cause of losing the love of their lives too?

What I liked:
Oh everything so much that I wanted it to continue or wished Rubina had added a few 100 pages more to the story ;)
The book cover is super and spot on. Good work Sachin Venkatesh !
The blurb catches your attention. The plot is so fast and filled with tension all the time, you cant keep the book down. Remember to breath coz you will be angry to most of the time with the Prince Charming.
The language is flawless. Felt so good reading a good worded book after a long time ;)
The picturisation is so perfect you actually get transported to the land of royals, the grandeur, the eccentricities, the history,.... Talk about living a royal dream with eyes open :)

The characters are so well expressed. Right from Kalpana the boss cum mother figure, Queen Gitanjali Devi as the ethereal mother queen to all, Raima or snotty Sonakshi.

Not to mention our 2 protagonists. Shefali, carved her own identity and was no naive girl trampled upon by the royal members. I loved her for her indecision's, her confusion, her lack of anger bursts which could be fatal if I had been in her place, her loneliness, her empathy for the love of her life and his family members especially towards the Queen.
The Prince was the perfect snout and one used to woman throwing themselves at him. Till 3/4th of the book I wanted to slap him hard for not using his brains and shaming Shefali all the time. But slowly realized it was the way his past had made him the man he was or his heart made it clear why he was after Shefali and why Shefali was time and again hurting to see him hurting.
Both were blowing hot & cold all the time. Make up your mind, people :D
Complex characters you create, Rubina !

The mystery and romance mix worked very well. Loved the dialogues between Shefali & Aryan. Sarcasm and intelligence proportionally added :)

Rubina, you can write an erotica. Please do ;) Waiting for it. The love making scenes were eagerly waited for coz the tension before them was pulsating not just in the protagonists but also the reader.

Clever Rubina pulled in a toweled Ranveer Kapoor scene to make us gape in the first few pages.

What I wanted more:
I wanted more details of the time Shefali and Aryan spent together before the theft happened. No one wants to miss some toe-curling romantic moments, do they? ;) Around 100 more pages would have the job :D
Next book please, fast ! ;)

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Do read the book(s) and let us know your views.
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  1. Lovely review Nilima. I so loved the book too. Prince Aryan was super hot and Shefali his perfect partner. :D

    1. :) Yes Agree Sundari. Looking forward to more books from Rubina now.

  2. Dear Nilima,

    Thank you so so much for this lovely review. We write for readers like you. Who loves romance. I cannot think of this world without love. Hope I am spreading enough smiles <3

    1. You are, Rubina! Keep it up. All the best & waiting to read your next work soon :)