Monday, April 3, 2017

Book Review: Finding Juliet by Toffee

Greetings everyone,
Drama ! Drama ! Drama ! Girls love Drama !
Better late than never, but here is the Review of the Book: Finding Juliet by Toffee.

Arjun a young Romeo is down in the depths of despair over his failed love affairs where True love or so he thought left him brokenhearted and in depression. There is no lack of girls or his true love for them but they all leave him. He moves to Bangalore and a new life to escape painful memories and his suicidal thoughts. Thanks to his childhood friend Anjali he is still alive. Then he meets Krish who is like the Love Guru for Arjun and demystifies love, lust and girls for him. Krish pulls him out and makes him into a girl magnet. Then there is no dearth of girls, sex, affairs,... for him. But still he feels there is a void in his life.
What does he need more? How does he fill the void? Who is the Juliet for this Romeo turned Playboy? Read about the book here: Spotlight: Finding Juliet by Toffee

What I liked:
Language is simple and good. For a 200+ pages book it is a thick book and has multiple stories all about Arjun.
Description of places is good. Description of loneliness, despair, depression are well written.
All characters are etched out pretty well.
Loved the way psychology of men and women is laid out. I wanted to deny the facts stated about women but many are true. Hats off on that point !
The story also tries to impart a message to young girls and boys in love, society in general and people on the verge of suicide.

What I wanted more:
I wanted to smack Arjun in the 1st half of the book for being so dumb. He was like a kid with a toy who doesn't know what to do with it :| . He had a string of girlfriends but was the one to get himself friend-zoned or dumped.
The way he turns into a Player was slightly irritating to me. Loose morals I wanted to say. The girls were described to be even more naive, shallow or .....
The ending was too obvious and unbelievable. What happened to Rahul, eh Mr. Toffee?

Do buy the book

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  1. Yes, I agree with your review, the shallow and selfish nature of youngdters does come to fore in the book.
    Nicely done.

    1. :) Thanks Indy for the comment. Sad truth,no?