Friday, April 7, 2017

Book Review: A Walk in the Rain by Udai Yadla

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Presenting Mr. Udai Yadla's debut book A Walk in the Rain. A simple and moving story.
Know briefly about the story: Spotlight: A Walk in the Rain by Udai Yadla

Sunny an introvert and staying with his father is a lonesome kid. Then comes Sandy a bubbly, cheerful, loving girl who lights up his life and becomes the love and center of his life. As fate would have it they get separated before they complete school. Sunny takes it hard on himself and becomes a loner with a decent job and life. Through some luck he has a few friends who owe their lives to Sunny. One of them is Imran, who takes it upon himself to get Sunny out of his gloomy life. What he plans for celebrating Sunny's birthday surprise gets him killed in a brothel and Sunny swears to kill the murderer Hari a goon with Victor's gang. To help Sunny get to Hari, Saloni one of the prostitute quotes an amount. Sunny having no choice and police hunting for them both agrees. Pooja Saloni's friend helps a bit in the tracking of Hari. Pooja and Saloni have a past which has made them choose this profession. But soon Saloni wants to get Hari killed too. Why?
Will Sunny get to avenge his friends death? Who is Saloni? Why does Sunny feel an unconscious connection with Saloni as they spend time together?

What I liked:
Simple narration of the story. No fancy lines or drama to depict the plight of prostitutes or devdas life of Sunny.
The characters are well etched. The way the locations are described give them an old small world charm. The description of the way friendship and lives evolves in small towns make them last a lifetime. I liked that the female protagonists are strong spirited.
The flow is a bit stretched and could be shortened. The words and language is simple. Few passages are thought provoking too.
The action scenes are depicted minutely. Some tricks used with mobile phone were surprising and new for me.
The story flows in present tense with sudden flashbacks. But doesn't disrupt the flow.
The ending was good and not unbelievable.

What I wanted more:
Tighter script. Grammatical mistakes could be reduced with proofreading and a good Editor.

For a debut novel, its a good one time read. 

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