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Book Review: Key to my Soul by Probal Mazumdar

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A new book and its review: Key to my Soul by Probal Mazumdar. Its not just a simple love story, but a medley of love, revenge, friendship, parenthood, separation, betrayal, purpose-less life, heartbreak, .... A superb feat for a debut Author. Good job Probal Mazumdar !

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Key to my Soul by Probal Mazumdar

Siddharth is a laid back school boy who stays with his father in Jamshedpur. In his life enters, Hazel a Bengali-Christian girl who brings bright, sunny days in Siddharth's life. They grow from best friends to teenagers with death-do-us-apart lovers. Then sudden circumstances force Hazel to disappear from the city as well as Siddharth's life with rumours pointing at Siddharth for tainting a young girl. Siddharth moves on to college and vows never to vist his town ever in life again. Until a phone call from an anonymous caller informs him that Hazel is fighting for life in Jamshedpur and he has to meet her before its too late. There are letters Hazel had sent him, some which he didnt read in deep and some which didnt reach him.

Who is the caller? How does he know about Siddharth & Hazel? What will he tell Hazel, if she lives that is? Why didnt he try to find her earlier? What does Hazel mean in her last letter-Key To My Soul?

What I liked:
The smooth, steady pace of the story. Good, simple language
The descriptions of each scene, person, situation. May it be the rustling of leaves, to the Hazel's eyes, the paintings made by Siddharth, to the brutality of the muggers, sculptures made by Joydeep or the piano music played by Hazel's mom,
The layers of emotions like the paints on Siddharth's canvas. Lot many emotions going on in the story which connect with the reader and pull them along.
The well-etched characters and places.
The relation of the Title, Cover and story is perfect.
The small snippets of poetry are endearing and deep. Shows Probal's forte and the awards he won.
The connection of past with the use of letters and flashbacks and the present was seamless.

What I wanted more:
Sometimes I wanted the story to race ahead. But after the book ends it all feels right.
I wanted to shake & scold Siddharth for letting everything in life just pass by without making efforts to salvage it. Again in the talk with Hazel at her house, was happy to note he summarised it being the reason for his life being such a mess.

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